Homeschool Year by Year

Here you will find a list of posts that re-cap the resources we used each school year, what worked for us, and what we threw out!

Our over-arching philosophy is a combination of Charlotte Mason and unschooling (interest-led learning.)   As you can see, we do it a little bit differently every year as we adapt to the needs of our family.

Homeschool Plans 2020/2021:  The Precious People

Homeschool Recap 2019/2020:  The Kind Kingdom

Homeschool Plans 2019/2020:  The Kind Kingdom

Homeschool Recap 2018/2019:  A Minimalist Approach

Homeschool Recap 2017/2018:  Charlotte Mason + Ambleside Online

Homeschool 2016/2017:  Our Homeschool Re-Do