Homeschool Help

Whether you’re new to homeschool or just looking for some encouragement on the journey, I’ve compiled some of my most helpful posts here just for you!

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Small Beginnings: A Homeschool Starter Guide for the Early Years

Looking for more?  If you’ve been thinking about home school or are in the midst of doing it and are needing someone to pull back the curtain of mystery and throw the lights on a little, my friend Kate and I teamed up to write a homeschool starter guide just for YOU!

In it we give you an overview of a Charlotte Mason education as well as all the practicals:  the legal and administrative, curriculum recommendations and ideas of how to structure you day.   It consolidates the best of the best resources…it is THE resource that I hand out to all new homeschoolers!  It’s especially designed to be a Charlotte Mason primer for families will children ages 5-8.

You can purchase and download it here as a PDF or as an e-book for any e-reader (phone included!)