Hi. I’m Rachael (aka Faye).  I was once a homeschool dropout crying over kindergarten curriculum at my kitchen table.  In the midst of my crisis, I discovered that my creative children needed something different than traditional school.  We when we left behind the rules and took a people-centered approach, my creatively artistic daughter started to thrive (and so did I!)   Today art, story-telling and inventive play are the foundations of our creative homeschool.

Here you’ll find weekly posts with homeschool help, project tutorials, books, and of course, peeks inside of my house!  My hope is that when you step into my little corner of the internet, you’ll find a bit of creativity and inspiration to take home to your own learning table.

We homeschool three of our four children ages nine, eight, and five (with little brother tagging along.)  We recently moved from Northern California to Kansas City where we are enjoying that Midwest suburban life.

Some of my work has been featured in these publications:

The Call of the Wild and Free: Reclaiming Wonder in Your Child’s Education, by Ainsley Arment

Wild and Free Handcrafts: 32 Activities to Build Confidence, Creativity and Skill, by Ainsley Arment Wild and Free Nature: 24 Outdoor Adventures for Kids to Explore, Discover and Awaken Their Curiosity, by Ainsley Arment

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