Bio Photo-1Hi.  I’m Rachael (aka Faye).  I’m a girl mom, writer, and photographer from Northern California.

I love gardening, reading books, taking pictures, and writing things on the Internet. 

Here on this blog you’ll find my most recent posts which include practical lifestyle articles, a bit of our homeschooling journey, and peeks inside of my house.  Since I’ve been writing here for about seven years, you’ll also find a dated, poorly photographed (but very entertaining) archive of posts.


I was born in Lawrence, Kansas and lived in Kansas City, Missouri when I was small.  My parents wanted a simple life, many children, and a quaint roadside fruit stand.  I’m not sure we ever had a roadside stand, but there were seven of us kids, so that part worked out.  We moved to rural Kansas where I spent most of grade school through high school.  After I graduated, my family moved to Atlanta, Georgia.  I attended college at Georgia State University.  I wanted to major in art, but I got too psyched out by my lack of formal training, so instead I earned a B.A. in Spanish for International Business.  (Which I’m very proud of, but still have yet to use.)  I spent a year in service at a local ministry and later worked as a bookkeeper for a real estate company.  

One day I unexpectedly fell in love with a computer nerd who dragged me to his home on the West Coast.  He does brilliant things like put the Internet on disks for people.  He showed me The Computers and The Web Logs and helped me learn all the buttons on my DSLR camera. 

Currently, I spend most of my time homeschooling and being outdoors with my girls.  I write devotionals for Thrive Moms and contribute regularly to the Wild + Free homeschooling community. On evenings and weekends I am sometimes a photographer.  A full tour of our home is featured here on Design Mom’s Living with Kids Series.

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