How I’m Using Social Media in 2021

How I’m Using Social Media in 2021

Whew, guys.  Today I sat down to decide what to do with the broken social media buttons on my blog. When you click those buttons, it was leading to depressing “link broken” messages and I had to decide if I was going to re-enable the accounts or just take the buttons off.

How am I using social media in 2021? The short answer is well, I’m not.  Except as a channel to post my blog. (Unless you consider Pinterest and Marco Polo social media; I’m still using those!)

I have gotten some messages about why I haven’t been on Instagram.  (My account is visible again!)  How can I put this delicately?  It’s because it sucks the life out of me? Because my brain can function normally? Is there a graceful way to say that?

You could also say that I really love putting my energy into writing and using my “big camera” rather than churning out content for the Instagram machine!  It’s creativity that adds value for me (and hopefully others too).

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Social media and I had a good run, but now that I have cut ties with it I don’t see myself being a consumer again or creating content for anything but this blog.  However, I know that most people really prefer the accessibility of reading blog posts on social media.  So many people have found me that way, and it’s almost unheard of to read articles or blogs without it!  So I decided to leave the buttons and re-enable my Facebook and Instagram.

I’ll share my posts on Instagram and Facebook, but I am going to disable Insta comments, because I’d like to direct the conversation to the comment section of my blog.  Not using the commenting feature on Instagram just torches my following numbers, but UGH, I cannot stay off of social media when you guys comment!  It’s just too addictive to see the hearts and comments bubbling up!  Or even worse, it’s depressing when they are not.  (What a false measuring stick for our value as humans! Let’s not use it that way!) I do love having conversations on my blog though, and I invite you to be a regular!

Sadly, being a writer or photographer has become synonymous with being a social influencer. Growing an social media account can be like a full-time job.  The attention industry and their algorithms reward eyeballs + time, because it means profits.  I’m just not willing to pay that price in this season of my life.

I know that less people will engage if it means coming to the blog and logging in to leave a comment, but at the very least they can read new posts without having to check my site.  I hope what I create here will bring you value and encouragement.  If you direct message me, I will probably won’t see it, but I always respond to emails and comments on my blog!

This is your official invitation to be a regular commenter on my blog!  If you have your own, please leave and link; I’d love to be a regular on your blog too.

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