Links and Things: Dario Marianelli + Small-Batch Sugar Cookies

Links and Things:  Dario Marianelli + Small-Batch Sugar Cookies

An arctic chill has descended upon us (it’s currently one degree outside) and I’m sitting with my back to our gas fireplace wearing the same sweatshirt I’ve had on for about five days straight. I think it’s the perfect day to turn on the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice and attempt to finish a big paper organizing project.

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Here are a few things I’ve been enjoying lately!

In January I started reading through the Bible chronologically with The Bible Recap podcast.  I absolutely love it and I can’t believe I’ve never read the Bible this way before. We watch a Bible Project video at the start of each new book.  It’s definitely not too late to join and I highly recommend diving in! (More about it here!)

The girls and I made these lovely small-batch sugar cookies this week for Valentines Day.  It’s the perfect recipe for when you want a festive cookie-making activity, but without a truckload of stale sugar cookies sitting on your counter for two weeks!

Without Instagram I’ve really been enjoying going back to blog-reading, especially blogs that chronicle the day-to-day in pictured or fun, chatty posts. Follow me here on Bloglovin’ to get my posts regularly, or sign up for my newsletter here on my home page! (Never any spam, just posts from me, Faye.)

I think February is the perfect month to get some Dario Marianelli soundtracks into your listening rotation.  The chill and romance  of this month just begs for Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre soundtracks.  I’m a little sentimental because I was married in February and walked down the aisle to “Dawn,” but I promise you won’t regret having these in the background while you chop soup veggies and fold laundry!

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!

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