November in Pictures

Well I didn’t get very many pictures of this month mostly because I was busy doing a lot of administrative projects that took up my creative brain space and well, taking care of all the people in my little world here at home!

I am sadly missing all of the Thanksgiving table photos I took somehow.  (EDIT: I found them!) It’s probably not anything you haven’t seen before on my blog anyways. I tend to do it the same way every year! (Kraft paper chic, I call it.)  The pictures of my frosty back yard are from Thanksgiving morning.

November was dominated by checking off boring but important things like seeing the dentist (I found a holistic one that I love), arranging speech therapy appointments, dealing with 165 compromised passwords, and finalizing trust amendments.

David hurt his back and was flat out for a few weeks, so I was also manning the ship of our lives here at home and driving to a lot of chiropractic appointments.  We found out he has a bone spur and a subsequent slipped disc (and if that weren’t enough, a pinched nerve too) in his C-spine, which was causing all kinds of pain and sleeplessness.  Thankfully, we found him a wonderful pain management chiropractor that has been working magic with his back and enabling him to work and move pain-free.  Are we middle-aged yet or what?

Because of that we cancelled our Thanksgiving road trip to Georgia and stayed home.  We hosted my niece from California for a week or so (it was a surprise for the girls), decorated early for Christmas, and hosted a last-minute Thanksgiving with my parents and some family here in the KC area.

It was a very good, but unexpected month with 2020 proving that she’s still got a few surprises up her sleeve yet.  By the way, these cute pictures of Levi playing in his crib are just that.  This baby sleeps in my big master closet with a loud sound machine where it is pitch black at all hours.  (It’s life with Levi!)

IMG 9978

IMG 9980

IMG 9986

IMG 9989

IMG 9991

IMG 9996

IMG 9999