What I Read in October

October was so busy that I only actually finished one book!

Well, I read a lot of things, but this is the book I actually completed, and I read it in just a few sittings: The Paper Solution by Lisa Woodruff.  I love books about organizing, I think partly due to my personality, but also because when I take stock of my current season in life, most of what I do is bring order to chaos!  I think of myself as a pretty organized person, but I love to refine my craft, and this is an area that I am looking to refine.

This book was timely because I am jumping into some big financial and digital organizing projects that we’ve been after for years.  Even in all of my digitizing, paper never really leaves us, does it?

The Paper Solution Book Review

My biggest takeaway from this book is the Sunday Basket concept.  (I call mine the Friday Basket.)  It’s a central place (in the kitchen!) to corral, batch, and prioritize all of your household administrative tasks.  I set mine up immediately after closing the book and also downloaded Emily’s podcast episodes on the topic (Organize 365).

This has been life-changing for me.  Since having kids most of what I have done in terms of organizing is survive the constant changes with an ever-evolving to do list by my side! The Sunday basket is helping me come out of that 24/7 chaos-taming and to-do list mode into a more proactive model. All of my disparate thoughts and to-do’s have one home and one set-aside time to be completed each week. I feel on top of things and clear-headed enough to start working on some bigger administrative projects.

This book did help me see how much I have moved from paper to digital mode.  There are a number of things that she recommended, such as household binders that I’m using computer programs like 1 Password and Centriq for instead.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did, Lisa has convinced me that everyone needs a Sunday basket in their kitchen!