Links and Things: Comfort Food Season + Sunday Baskets

Links and Things: Comfort Food Season + Sunday Baskets

It is a picturesque November Sunday; I just finished a brisk walk, I have the kettle on for tea, and as I look out our front room window I see rows of blazing red leaves against a bright blue sky.  An extra hour of sleep must not have hurt my cheery outlook either!

IMG 8430

To welcome November (official comfort food season) I made this Rotisserie Chicken in my Instant Pot, along with this super easy gravy.  Then I threw the bones into my dutch oven with some aromatics and made some jars of this flavorful stock.

I miss my California garden, so I put this little hydroponic window sill garden on my Christmas list.

I’m always on the hunt for minimalist fall decor that feels autumnal without being cluttered.

I eliminated my to-do list with this Sunday Basket concept, which is solving paper for me.  Check out the podcast or read about it in this book by Lisa Woodruff.

We have dated honey-oak cabinets in our rental and I’m surprised by how much I actually appreciate them for their insane practicality and cozy feel.  If I get to pick, the next kitchen we own will have upper and lower wood cabinets.  While I love the European open shelving of my old kitchen, I think the best of all worlds would be this modern wood look!

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