Addison’s Blog Takeover (and Other Miscellaneous Things)


We have eight girls David’s side of the family and zero boys.  I’ve always been the one whose supposedly going to give birth a boy every time and so far I am 0 for 3.  (NO PRESSURE.)

We all live in the same town now and on free Sunday afternoons we like to have the family over to grill and swim, which has been a great bonding experience for everyone.  I have to say, it sure is a lot of fun watching my nieces grow up into TEENS and drive me to the grocery store and help me pick out white Converse so I can stay relevant to the youth.

The other night my thirteen-year-old niece Addison picked up my camera and with a little guidance on settings took some photos of two of my other nieces Abby and Ansley.  Then she said “Auntie Rachael, isn’t it fun to teach somebody something that they’re already really good at?”  This is why I like her.

Then we had pizza and I stayed up till 10:30 and was also caught on film yelling “hot Asian guys.”

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Wherever I go and whatever I do I’ll always blog here.  However…I’m excited that I also have an actual job now!  I sometimes leave the house to take pictures of people and return with money.

My friend Arianna and I have joined forces to start a photography business.  I’m pouring a lot of love and energy into that right now as we establish marketing and business plans and work to improve our craft.  The inspiration and the grace is there so I’m going with it!  We’ll be posting regularly at our photography blog, so add that to your RSS or Bloglovin’!

FYI ALERT…. update on my summer reading list:  The Kitchen House is hands down the best read of my summer, maybe even MY LIFE.  I could not even return to normal life for 72 hours after finishing it because book characters are real and I was mentally stuck on a plantation in Virginia unable to make scrambled eggs without weeping.  READ THIS.