DIY Land of Nod Name Banner

Have you seen these wall letters and name banners from Land of Nod? I’m totally in love with them.

I got online to check the prices.  For the one I wanted, each letter is ordered separately for $2.95 each.  I started adding it up and by the time I have one made for both Liberty and Michaiah, my grand total with tax and shipping is over $50.

Of course, you know what I said to that.  1.) Whose idea was it to give my kid such a long name, and  2.)  I can make this myself for free.  In fact, I had everything I needed already at home.  My mind immediately went to a giant book of gorgeous vintage-print memory paper that I picked up on sale at the craft store for $10.

DIY Land of Nod Name Banner

I decided I wanted to copy this more feminine looking banner, but you could theoretically do a more masculine one for a boys room with a different font and/or more boyish scrapbook papers.  (My book had a ton of manly herringbone and pinstripe papers).

DIY Land of Nod Lettered Banner

You will need:

  • Scrapbook (aka “Memory”) paper
  • Good scissors
  • A hole punch
  • Access to a printer
  • Cardstock
  • Mod Podge
  • RibbonDIY Land of Nod Name Banner 1

Grab some pretty, assorted scrapbook papers from your local craft store. Individual pieces run about $.59 each (or you can get a crap ton if you buy a book for around $20, $10 on sale).  The Land of Nod banner I’m recreating has a lot of vintage floral prints, along with some classic stripes, plaids, and polka-dots.  It looks a lot like old wall paper.  All colors are a go, the more eclectic the better.

DIY Land of Nod Name Banner 2

Next you will need to print off some traceables.  First, I went online and searched for a free font to download.  I was looking for something identical to Land of Nod’s “fancy font.”  I didn’t find it, but I did find a similar font called “Sancreek” with the same feel at  It is in the woodblock font family, which lends to that vintage storybook feel.

DIY Land of Nod Name Banner Printed

Download this font and resize it to be about 6 inches tall.  My word processor is Pages, so to achieve this, I resized the Sancreek font to size “588.”  Type the letters you will need and print. Land of Nod banners have all caps, so I made sure to copy that too.  (Only one letter will fit on each page.)

Now for the annoying tedious part.  Cut out each letter to be used as a traceable template.

DIY Land of Nod Name Banner Traceable

Now for the fun part. Pick purty papers.  I try to get a good eclectic assortment.  But do not worry.  Your inner Martha Stewart will know what papers to choose.  I did sort of obsess about trying to make my paper selection appear as though I did not obsess over it though.

DIY Land of Nod Name Banner Paper

Before you get carried away tracing and cutting, you will want to adhere your scrapbook paper to card stock, or some other more substantial backing so your letters won’t curl up or float away.  I’m a lazy cheapskate and didn’t want to make a trip to the store, so I grabbed a handful of some old file folders we had laying around and used those.

DIY Land of Nod Name Banner 3

We really should think about changing the name of this blog to Lazy Faye.

Using Mod Podge (or glue, whatev), adhere your purty paper to your more substantial backing.  A green file folder in my case.

DIY Land of Nod Name Banner Mod Podge

DIY Land of Nod Name Banner Mod Podge 2

Now on the back side, trace your letter.

DIY Land of Nod Name Banner Trace

DIY Land of Nod Name Banner Traced Letter

I like to trace my letter on the back so that my pen lines don’t show. If you are tracing on the back and you have an asymmetrical letter, make sure that you place the letter face down so that you won’t end up with a backwards letter!  (Not that I did this a few times and then made a note to tell my readers.)

DIY Land of Nod Name Banner Rotate Letter

Now cut out your letter.  If you are cutting out a letter with a closed loop like “A” or “B,” if you had good craftsmanship and proper tools, you would use an little utility knife to cut the middle part.  I just used my inner brain surgeon to stab a hole with my scissors and chop it out in a very willy-nilly, uncraftsmanlike manner.

DIY Land of Nod Name Banner Cut

DIY Land of Nod Name Banner A

Don’t be like me.

Now you may admire your letter.  Gratifying, yes?

DIY Land of Nod Name Banner First Letter

I like a chevron stripe, generally speaking.

Okay.  Repeat till all your letters are cut.

Now lay them out on your kitchen table and arrange them just so.

DIY Land of Nod Name Banner Letters on Table

You are now ready to punch holes for ribbon.  You will punch two holes at the top of each letter (four for letters like “M” and “H”)  I stressed over the placement of these for about two letters until I got downright impatient. In the end, I just punched holes with very little precision and it turned out fine.  Any old hole punch will do.

DIY Land of Nod Name Banner Hole Punch

DIY Land of Nod Name Banner Holes

DIY Land of Nod Name Banner H

Now get your ribbon.  I chose cream grosgrain ribbon because I was trying to copy Land of Nod exactly.  Plus I feel it gives it a nice feminine look.  You could also use jute twine if you wanted a more earthy feel.  The ribbon, however, was easier to “sew” through the holes.  I never cut the ribbon to length until my letters are on and space out just right.  Then I don’t run into ribbon shortage probz.

DIY Land of Nod Name Banner Ribbon

Thread the ribbon through each hole by coming up through the back of the letter.  This the most tedious part of the process, but hang in there because you will be done shortly.

DIY Land of Nod Name Banner Ribbon Sew

Thread, thread, thread.

Voila!  Now you have your very own knock-off Land of Nod name banner. That cream ribbon really does pull it all together.

DIY Land of Nod Name Banner Finished

This is where you can let your inner perfectionist go wild as you make sure that each letter is properly spaced along the ribbon.

This banner I’m making is for my two-year-old.  Her full name is Michaiah, which is a Hebrew spelling, hence the “aia” thing.  It is pronounced “Mi-KAY-uh,” with a long “a”…not “Mi-KIY-uh with a long “i.”  (It sounds a little like “Michaela.”)  The long “a” pronunciation is so petty and makes SUCH a cute nick-name (K.K.).   I am still in love with this name.  My criteria for all of my children’s names is that they MUST, I repeat, MUST be able to be shortened into an adorable nick-name.

DIY Land of Nod Name Banner Close up

Anyways.  Enough of my weird baby naming ideals.  Now to be instantly gratified, go hang your banner up with some thumb tacks to see what it looks like.  Move around six hundred times.  Decide you love it.  Then commit and tack it up into it’s final location with some upholstery tacks.  They are just classier than regular old nails, I think.

DIY Land of Nod Name Banner on Wall 2

DIY Land of Nod Name Banner Tack

There is now nothing left to do but Instagram it.

Martha would be proud.  Except I’m sure she would have used a utility knife and more proper craft materials.

DIY Land of Nod Name Banner on Wall 1

I hung mine above the crib underneath a little eclectic wall grouping.  Libby has one too. (Need some wall hanging inspiration?  Here are some easy ideas from around my house.)

DIY Land of Nod Name Banner Libby

Maybe if I had babies with shorter names I would have just bought the letters from Land of Nod, but no.  I had to be that parent who uses a super long name spelling, coupled with a strong desire to craft things with patterned memory paper.

So how ’bout it?  Would you ever try this project, or would you rather shell out for the real deal?