Small Space Organization: A Toy Wall

One of the biggest challenges for living in a small space is organizing toys.

I like to make it even more complicated by having strong toy opinions.   I like quality. I like classic.  I like things that get played with daily.  I don’t mind if they are a minefield all over my house during the day, but after 8 p.m., they must be out of my sight!  Away.  In another room. On the day Polly Pockets and Legos enter my home, I shall weep bitterly.  And then I will methodically flush one a day down the toilet until they have disappeared into the city sewer system.

That was perhaps a little much.

I’m getting to the point, I promise!

We recently moved our nursery (and all the baby paraphernalia) for two into the smallest room in the house.  No, we weren’t drinking.  We had reasons.  At first, I was overwhelmed with the challenge, but it ended up being a chance for my Tim Gunn-make-it-work moment!  (Here’s the old nursery and how I organized the nursery closet).

So there it was.  Me. Tim Gunn (the one in my mind).  One blank wall.  A million(ish) toys. A trillion(ish) books.

(I occasionally exaggerate)

I needed the wall to do the following:  A.) House toys B.) Look super cute.  Here is what I came up with!

Small Space Organization Toy Wall

Ikea Ribba Picture Ledges

My biggest tip for maximizing space is to go up.  Ribba Picture ledges turn out to be the perfect front-facing bookshelves for $9.99 each.  No, she cannot reach them, but that is because she rips them!  Plus, it’s more of a novelty that way.

Small Space Organization Toy Wall Ribba

Pennant Banner

I know, it’s so PINTERESTY.  But it just screams “Hey, kids, come play with these toys!”   The Ribba shelves were the right spot for my banner, brought over from the old nursery.  (Make one yourself with my super easy no-sew pennant banner tutorial.)

Ikea Bekvam Spice Racks

These too are all over Pinterest Land as front-facing bookshelves.  I grabbed a few and spray painted them white.  They’re $4 each.  I hung them vertically down low for easy access to the less destructible books.  Fair warning: these racks are hard to hang! You need to be  precise person or the outcome may be the appearance that a wild animal has attacked the wall with a power drill.  Someone who is familiar with “a level and a measuring tape” did these.

DSC 0464

Spall Space Organization Spray Painted Bekvam

Target Closet Maid 9-Cube Storage Cubby

This thing is pretty low-quality.  It was just so much cheaper and fit in the space better than an Ikea cubby.  I covered the inside of the cubbies with Mod Podge and memory paper.  Cause I love Mod Podge and memory paper.

Small Space Organization Toy Wall 5

Small Space Organization Toy Wall 7

Small Space Organization Toy Wall 1

Smal Space Organization Toy Wall 4

Small Space Organization Toy Wall 2

Small Space Organization Toy Wall 6

Other Stuff

The large round basket with the stuffed animals was purchased for $12 at Home Goods.  I needed a solution for the stuffed animals because they were kind of taking over my life!  Now they are kind of in a cage, which I now approve of.

DSC 0470

The metal basket  on top of the cubbies with the blocks was purchased for $12 at World Market.  I don’t love spending that much on baskets, but I really feel it is a detail that gives the space the look I want.

Small Space Organization Toy Wall Basket

How do YOU organize toys?  What is your opinion on children’s toys in your house?