Healthy Lifestyle Changes for 2013

I’m 37 weeks pregnant today!  You know what that means, girls…NO JEANS.  I’ve got two publicly decent outfits left and I’m wearing them out.  It’s all yoga pants and leggings up in here, people.  Overall, I’m feeling great though.  Even if great means feeling like Free Willy.   (The happy not-in-the-amusement park Willy, though.  Not the sad one.)

This last trimester I’ve been lucky if I throw dinner together three nights a week…AND my appetite for meat and cheese is outrageous!  I’ve been giving in to my cravings for In-N-Out burgers, Chick-fil-a, and pizza.

Last week I had Dave go out and buy me mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Yesterday, I looked in the carton and thought “who has been in here eating my ice cream?”  Then I had a down-on-myself sad Free Willy moment.  Ugh, why I can’t I just crave working out and plain Greek yogurt like the skinny preggers?

Then it hit me.  Instead of craving ice cream every night (like I would have in the past years) one of my favorite nighttime snacks is an organic orange and a piece of dark chocolate.  A year ago today my fridge probably still had leftover cans of Coke Zero in it!  Heck, I’m actually on track to gain closer to 40 lbs of pregnancy weight versus the 60+ I gained last time!

Here is what we did in 2012:

  1. Switched to organic foods (80% rule here) including grass fed meats and cage-free eggs
  2. Tried to eat less meat
  3. Started making our own bread
  4. Both got metal straw water bottles which we keep filled and with us all day
  5. Started eating out a lot less (and being more discriminating about where we go)
  6. Cut out many processed/refined foods
  7. Cut out fake sugars
  8. Cut out “low fat” and “fat free” foods
  9. Started Michaiah on kid’s probiotics and fish oils
  10. Detoxed my house of chemicals (many more posts on that one coming in 2013)
  11. Use natural and herbal remedies when we get sick
  12. Did a two month trial with a CSA and learned how to cook with seasonal foods
  13. Started going to the chiropractor regularly
  14. Started on fish oils

Okay, so maybe my last trimester food decisions haven’t been all that worthy of a 100 Days of Real Food guest post.  But when I read that list,  I can’t help but feel proud of how far we have come in one year.  In fact, after we switched our diets, I lost the remainder of my baby weight shortly after (only to get pregnant the following month, but hey, that was the point).  My husband lost 15 lbs, which he shrugs about and attributes to drinking less soda (MEN).  The best part is, they were simple, sustainable changes that even worked out for our budget.

After I looked back at all the changes we had made in 2012, I got really inspired for what all we could do in 2013.  I decided to make another list of easy changes that we could make this year.

Healthy Goals 2013

  1. Add Garden of Life Amazing Grass Superfood to our smoothies
  2. Take a shot of apple cider vinegar every day (I CAN do this!)
  3. Start on Garden of Life probiotics
  4. Switch to raw milk
  5. Cut out more processed foods, especially by getting more creative with snacks for Michaiah
  6. Get Michaiah to like at least two vegetables (she currently gets any veggies in smoothies)
  7. Start subbing out latte treats for Popeye Smoothies from the Nutrition Shoppe
  8. Make our own organic sodas at home with our new Soda Stream.  While we have cut way back on soda, my husband admits it is his major weakness.  I definitely join in the cravings, especially when I eat salty foods like popcorn and pizza.  Fortunately,  I find that a small amount satisfies me, unlike in the past.
  9. Go back to early morning spin class and get back to lifting weights/yoga (which will probably entail at least 8 weeks with a trainer to kickstart me)
  10. Start a small back yard garden this summer.  (We are already composting!)
  11. Start switching out my plastic containers for Mason jars and glass

Organic Local Celery and Greens

Apple Cider Vinegar

I’m so excited.  I’m going to be feeling even better in 2013!   There is one other thing I did not put on my achievement list for 2012, because honestly, it seems so ridiculous, but I think I have to share. Don’t judge me.  Deep breath:

All my life I have had an aversion to eggs…in almost any form.  I never realized how much it was sabotaging a healthy, satisfying breakfast.  This pregnancy, I really wanted to make sure I was filling up on good protein in the mornings.  Everyone was telling me: EGGS.  So. I held my breath and cooked up some scrambled eggs.  The first time I did it, I added copious amounts of cheese and half and half.  I could only eat half of it,  it layered on toast topped with turkey bacon.  Surprise, surprise…I did not gag!  Not only that, but I started liking it.  I noticed a change in my energy levels and cravings throughout the day.   Now, let’s be honest.   I still cannot eat eggs by themselves (or any way except scrambled).  However…I can now eat one with a little cheese and some toast, which I consider a great thirty-year achievement!

Local Pasture Raised Eggs

I know learning to eat eggs doesn’t exactly make the the recipient of an Nobel Peace Prize or anything, but I really have to thank my community of Eco Chic Mamas for bringing me tons information and support throughout these big changes.  Also, I need to mention my sister who has inspired me this past year by going from Cheez-it/Diet Coke fiend to gluten-free, dairy-free, Vitamix-Paleo woman.

My “Whole Foods” board on PInterest is filled with more 2013 inspiration, including some new things I can’t wait to try, like salads in a jar and homemade protein bites!  I’m still not ready to put “fermented cod liver oil,” “beet juice” or “Paleo” on my list just yet, but I’m eating this elephant one bite at a time.  And hey, who knows what 2014 will hold!

What is on your healthy list for 2013?  Has anyone else branched out to eat a new food, or found a way to eat something they didn’t previously like?