Organizing a Nursing Caddy

In the early days after having a new baby, I realized how important it was to have a little nursing station set up somewhere in the house with my water bottle, phone, and anything else I might need for the next thirty minutes. I had my fabulous, comfy glider set up in the nursery with the ottoman and a side table with all of my supplies.

A few months ago David and I were discussing the space issues of having two babies in a small bedroom.  We came to the conclusion that everything was not going to fit.  We decided my giant, comfy glider would go to it’s new home in David’s office. (I can still use it, but not during business hours.)  I’ll have to nurse other places in the house.

David came up with the idea of a nursing caddy.  I guess apparently, he doesn’t like to be hollered at across the house to bring me my phone and a granola bar?  A little portable nursing caddy is a good solution to our space limits.  It’s also a great idea for moms with bigger homes that don’t want to be running up and down stairs all the time to grab things they forgot.

Organizing a nursing caddy

There are a number of companies that sell diaper caddies (same idea, just diapers instead of nursing supplies. ) I Googled “diaper caddy” and came up with tons of cute things.  You could also use a toiletry basket or caddy.

DSC 0280

I got this cute canvas one from Three Sprouts (I actually bought it for a lot less on Amazon).  The inside is lined and wipeable. It’s the perfect size for all my supplies and has three pockets on the outside for smaller items.  The middle one is perfect for my phone.  Here is what I’m putting in mine:

1.) Water bottle. When I start to nurse, an unquenchable thirst immediately comes over me. I don’t know why; it just happens.  I love a metal water bottle with a straw.  It’s the easiest thing to reach for when you’re juggling a newborn or a breast pump.  When I go to bed, I fill it up with ice so it will melt into ice water for the late night feedings.

DSC 0290

2.) Burp cloths. During the first few months, you will have to burp the baby after each feeding.  This will sometimes (or in our case ALWAYS) result in spit-up.  Michaiah spit up more than any baby I know for the first six months of her life.  Plus, with newborns, it’s just good to have some kind of cloth on hand at all times.

DSC 0294

3.) Breast pads. In the beginning, you’ll probably go through lots of these until your milk supply regulates. Believe me, you don’t want to forget breast pads and then bee-bop out the door to the grocery store.  I wore washable cloth pads at home, and disposables for going out (the cloth has more of a tendency to leak through).

4.)  Breast cream. When you first start nursing, you will experience some pain and scabbing for about a week or so.  That is normal and it goes away as long as your baby has a proper latch.  The sooner you start using breast cream, the sooner you will heal up.  Many moms use Lanisoh, but I highly recommend Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter.  It is made of organic, all-natural ingredients so you do not need to wash it off before nursing.  I used it immediately after giving birth and applied often and liberally throughout the day.  This really sped up my healing time!

DSC 0285

5.)  Phone. My phone is my watch.  It’s a necessity to have on hand when you are breastfeeding and diaper changing around the clock.  It’s kind of easy to get into the newborn twilight zone and have no clue of what time of day it actually is or what the weather is like outside!  I also loved being able to catch up with family members in my down-time, read my favorite blogs, or patrol Facebook at 2 a.m.  This time I’ll have the Pinterest app, which I didn’t have with Michaiah!   Google also became my best friend when I became a mom. What did nursing mothers ever do before iPhones?  I don’t know.  Nurse, I guess.

6.) Snacks. Breastfeeding = hungry!  After I experience the raging thirst sensation (as mentioned in point #1), my stomach will starts growling and a turkey sandwich suddenly sounds really good.  I’m going to keep a stash of snacks in my caddy…like apples, Lara bars and Trader Joe’s trail mix!  Is anyone else as addicted to mandarin oranges as I am?  Love those things!

DSC 0303

7.) Baby Nail Clippers. I know this one sounds really strange, but last time I found the best time to clip my newborn’s razor sharp little finger nails is while they are comfortable and distracted nursing.

DSC 0296

8.) Gripe Water. I could never have made it through those first few months without gripe water!  Michaiah was a gassy baby and she frequently got the hiccups after feedings (which she hated).  A few drops of this and hiccups stop immediately.  It also does wonders for soothing the tummy.

DSC 0288

9.) Breast Pump.  I have a small, Medela Swing pump.  I kind of wish I had a bigger double pump, but this works for now.  Plus,  I was surprised to find it fits in my caddy no problem.

DSC 0301

Other things to have on hand that might not fit in your caddy would be a nursing pillow (such as a Boppy or Breast Friend) and your breast pump.

I was surprised how much actually fit in this thing!  There she is, all packed and ready to go!

DSC 0308

So, do any of my veteran mommas have any items to add to my nursing caddy?  Am I missing any must-haves or new gadgets?

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