10 Easy, Creative Wall Arrangements

I thought it would be fun to share some easy ways to do wall decor.  I’m all about easy and inexpensive.  I love the cozy feeling of having walls filled.  To avoid repetition, wall art in my house is always changing and morphing into new displays.

Don’t get stuck in the framed photo rut!  Try some of these easy ways to create interesting and textural arrangements in your house.

1.) Go Vintage

I love the look of black and white retro and vintage photos hung on a wall.  I copied my favorite old photos from David and my sides of the family and printed them off at Wal-greens in black and white. They are grouped in a random collage and framed in inexpensive 5×7 and 4×6 frames from Ikea and the Dollar Tree.  Some have mats and others do not.  The black and white theme unifies the grouping.

Family Heritage Wall

2.) Get Vertical

When you need to add height, a vertical arrangement is the way to go.  I needed something to balance out a tall shelf, so I stole one of my three Target tree renderings from another grouping and sandwiched them between two Ikea Malma mirrors.  These mirrors have been great, cheap space fillers that have moved all over our different homes throughout the years.


3.) Kitchen Plates and Trivets

I love plate walls in the kitchen.  You can pick up an eclectic or matchy collection for next to nothing at the thrift store and change it up as often as you like.  I recently changed mine to a horizontal arrangement inspired by two vintage dessert plates (thrifted).  I found a set of neon green trivets on clearance at Home Goods and spray painted them antique white.  The chartreuse platter in the middle has been hung in at least three places in my house!  It is a thrifted find (originally from Pier One).

Do excuse the ginormous ADT box in this lovely collage.  It’s the only place it could go in our kitchen.  Sigh.   At least no one can steal my thrifted plates.

Kitchen Wall

4.) Try Texture

Going monochrome in a room means texture is a necessity.  I found these two wall hangings on clearance at Home Goods.  I really don’t even know what to call them…they remind me of vintage heater grates (they are light as a feather though)!  I picked two in a non-matching pattern.

Texture Bedroom

5.) Double It Up

I was tickled when I found these two matching leaf pieces at Ross.  They anchor my hallway display hung side by side above the hall console.

Leaf Hall

6.) Load Up a Picture Ledge

Picture ledges do not just have to hold framed pictures.  This Ikea Ribba ledge in the nursery holds vintage Little Golden Books (thrifted), framed swatches of fabric, textured picture frames (Pier One), vintage blocks (thrifted), and a pennant banner (DIY).

Nursery 1 KK Frame Pokey Puppy

7.) Shelf It

Without a mantle or built-ins, I needed some display shelves in my living area.  These are Ikea Expedit wall shelves staggered above the couch.


8.) Go Big or Go Home

Sometimes you need to go with a big statement.  That’s what I concluded after many months of staring at this blank wall in front of our bed.  Ikea has huge art and photography pieces for as little as $59.00.  This black and white cityscape of Paris was perfect.


9.)  Mix It Up

Don’t think your family photo wall has to be only framed photos.  This was formerly my original thrift store gallery wall. I made it into my family photo wall. I mixed it up by adding a thrifted mirror (spray painted gold to white), a black trivet, a framed sprig of green, and of course, a Malma mirror!  The frames are Ikea, Target, Ross and thrifted.

Family Photo Wall Family Photo Wall 2 Fam Photo Collage 1

10.)  Go Low

A little trick my cousin taught me once long ago when redecorating my bedroom, is to hang a piece of art low, right over the top of a small table (such as an end table or night stand).  This Home Goods owl piece is highlighted right between the top of my end table and the bottom of a lamp shade (also both Home Goods.)  Hmm…seems I got myself a nod to my other BFF Home Goods goin’ on here.


A few tips that have helped me throughout the years:

  • Always make the focal point of your display at eye level
  • Group items close enough together so that the display reads as one big piece
  • Don’t let your pieces get lost.  Anchor a display by hanging it over a piece of furniture, or filling a wall.
  • There’s always wall putty!  Some of my displays took weeks of hanging and re-hanging to get just right.
  • You do not have to spend a lot of money.  The thrift store and the Dollar Store can hold their own with Pottery Barn and West Elm!

Have fun mixing it up!

BONUS:  So the name of this post is “10 Easy Creative Wall Arrangements,” but I recently re-decorated the nursery after our second daughter arrived.  Here are two arrangements I made for above each crib in the nursery.

Try making an eclectic grouping by adding just empty frames.  These were a combination of gifts, thrifted pieces, and Home Goods clearance.  A fun addition to this arrangement is a cheap and chic diy lettered name banner!

DIY Land of Nod Name Banner on Wall 1

DIY Land of Nod Name Banner on Wall 2

DIY Land of Nod Name Banner Libby


Eclectic Nursery collage

Eclectic nursery collage 2