Small Space Organization: Hemnes 4 Compartment Shoe Cabinet

Let us discuss junk I have around the house that I never know what to do with, but that I always need in a convenient spot.  Most people would use an office or desk, but I have neither.  My creative storage solution is my Ikea Hemnes four-compartment shoe cabinet in my front foyer.  It is the perfect solution for small-space organization challenges.

My foyer’s probably the size of most people’s closet, so the Hemnes shoe cabinets fits perfect. It cost me $100.00 and was a pill to put together, but I can’t complain about how convenient it’s been!

Small Space Organization Hemnes shoe cabinet

The best feature?  It is shallow enough to fit decoratively in the space.

Small space organization hemnes shoe cabinet 4

Not to mention it holds all kinds of useful things.

Small space organization hemnes shoe cabinet 5

1.) Envelopes and mailing supplies.

Small space organization hemnes shoe cabinet 3

2.) Gift Wrap supplies

Small space organization hemnes shoe cabinet 2

3.) Reusable/Paper shopping bags

DSC 0435

4.) My “Other” Bin.  Other people’s stuff that gets left at your house, or things that you need to return someplace  (A sock, pair of pants, and a black hat with a flower on it.)  AND:   Little piddly things you need to keep but do not yet have a home.  Like stuff that needs to go in a baby book.  I like things neatly packaged up and checked off lists.  So it goes against every fiber of my being to admit this, but alas, life has loose ends.   And that is what I dedicate this bin to.  (This is good therapy for people on the OTHER end of the spectrum of hoarding. Whatever you call that. My Hoarders fans can comment on that.)

Small space organization hemnes shoe cabinet 6

Ikea wins again with the Hemnes four-compartment shoe cabinet.  What kind of creative storage do you use for this type of thing?  Does anyone else use Ikea for storage? I would love to know how you organize yours! Or I will come over and do it for chocolate and coffee.  Either or.