27 Things to Frame for $1.00 or less

There are two things in life that make my inner HGTV host happy.  1.) Framing things 2.) Framing free things

After finishing last week’s thrift store gallery wall, I asked you to give me your ideas things that could be framed for $1.00 or less.  And you did.

Read and be inspired:

27 Things to fram efor $1 00 or less

  1. Scrapbooking paper (as a background or by itself)
  2. Kid’s artwork
  3. Baby’s footprints or handprints
  4. Paint chips in a color palette.  The square kind, or the ones with the circular centers.
  5. Leaves, sprigs or blooms from fake plants
  6. Sheet music
  7. Black and white family photos
  8. Pages stolen from picture books, or children’s books (yeah, I got in trouble for doing this once at our house)
  9. Newspaper (as a cool background for old photos or by itself)
  10. Magazine pages (decoupaged or just cut out)
  11. Wallpaper
  12. Wrapping Paper
  13. Fabric
  14. Buttons
  15. The first letter of your last name stamped or stenciled on craft paper
  16. Vintage pot holders
  17. Vintage/retro cereal or cracker boxes (for a kitchen)
  18. Greeting cards
  19. Pieces of patterned gift bags
  20. Barbie Doll clothes (for a little girl’s bedroom.  Can’t wait to frame my vintage Barbie clothes for Little K’s big girl room!)
  21. Sentimental article of baby clothing or onesie
  22. Vintage flash cards
  23. Sea shells
  24. Feathers
  25. Special documents such as birth or marriage certificates
  26. Sentimental/memorable notes or scraps of paper
  27. Scriptures or poetry

DSC 0061

Family Photo Wall 2

DSC 0463

DSC 1037

DSC 0020

I want to see pictures of your under $1 or free framed art!  Post them on the Frugal Faye Facebook page!  Happy framing!