How I Put Together My Fall Closet


Fall is my favorite time of year. The crisp weather, the pumpkin spice lattes, the baking. Yaddah, yaddah, yaddah.  Let’s get down to the real purpose of fall, which is the business of cracking open my bin of seasonal clothes.

The key to the tidy closet is the diligent switcheroo of the seasonal clothes.  You do this so you can have the pleasure of breaking out your boxes of goodies six months later.  You’ll find you will have more appreciation those old, trusty pieces instead of loathing the very sight of them. It’s like you went shopping in your own closet.

This recovering clothes junkie just did a major post-baby closet purge.  It was a long, hard look in the mirror (you know, ’cause things have movedAround.)  But after ten long years of dogmatic What Not To Wear rules having been pounded into my cranium every Friday night, Stacey and Clinton just kept playing over in my head. After I was done with this purge-o-rama, I was down to bare bones. (My closet, not me.)  I only kept my faves, or those pieces that adhered to the WNTW rules.  Turns out it’s the best thing that ever happened.

Everything in my closet cost me $0.00-$50.00,  with the exception of two investment pieces:  My Steve Madden riding boots, and my Reese Li mommy-bag.  My closet is now a combo of old trusties I’ve had anywhere from 3-5 years, hand-me-downs, some garage sale and thrift store items, and newer post-preggie pieces.

Here’s a little peek at what I’ll be wearing this fall.

Four Pairs of Jeans: O jeans, you modern-day girdles!  How I love thee.  I have four pairs of jeans, in different styles.  Most are dark wash, ’cause it’s more versatile and universally flattering.  Trousers, boot-cuts, boyfriends and skinnies.  My fave go-to place for trendy, yet mommy-approved denim is New York and Company.  They carry women’s sizes, people.  And seriously, every girl I know looks good in their curvy boot-cuts. Three Shoes: Now that I haul a baby around everywhere, cute flats are the deal.  Me, Little K., and high heels. That would be a recipe for a hot mess. Gone are the days of heels, but I’m kinda glad. Now I have three pairs of flat shoes: Steve Madden riding boots, bling-tastic Aldo ballet flats, and my gray Converse slip-ons. Eight Tops/Two Camis: I’m a breast-feeding mom, so I own two white maternity camis that I wear under every top.  My tops are all BF-friendly and range from kimono-style to floral dress-tunics.  I have eight main tops I will be wearing this fall, mixing and matching with my collection of layering pieces. Layering Pieces: Layering is the key to variety in a basic wardrobe.  So says my sister, the Layering Queen.  I have three cardis in cream, red, and bright yellow.  I have a clearance corduroy Old Navy vest, and a hand-me-down, gray boyfriend vest. For jackets, I have a tan corduroy Target jacket which has been in my closet for five (yes, five) years and a sassy teal jacket purchased by my sister at a garage sale.  See, the Layering Queen makes sure I have a proper collection.

Hats: Every girl needs a couple of hats in her wardrobe for bad hair days.  Or lazy hair days.  I have two hats: a brown knit newsboy from Target, and a crocheted creme-colored beanie made for me by my mother-in-law.  When I want to glam them up, I add a broach from my jewelry stash.

Scarves: My old scarf collection was out of control and taking over my life.  And for good reason.  You can throw on a scarf with any old garb and jazz it right up.  At one time there was nary a day I would leave the house without being accessorized with a scarf.

Belts: I have three belts: two wide and two skinnies.  Both of the skinnies are thrift store belts. I sometimes throw one over a top to add a little dimension.  This is a Layering Queen trick. The Bag: Reese Li Lexington in Linen Dynasty.  That is all.  Lip gloss and diapers peacefully co-exist. This could conceivably be the best accessory purchase I have ever made.  I was ready to ditch my single-gal purse for a full-on mommy bag the minute I laid eyes it at a local downtown boutique (maybe you’ve heard of it… Eco Chic Baby, people!) Around the house: Yoga pants, yoga pants, yoga pants.  And my hubby’s white tees. Throw in some junker jeans and a few hoodies and you have a housewife’s dream.  (Oh, I’m sorry.  I just can’t remember where I placed my calico housefrock). Really though, I should work on this one.  Since I’m around the house kind of like… most of my life.

And there you have it.  My fall closet.  Now it looks like the Zooey Deschanel walk-in on the Cotton commercial.  IN MY DREAMS.  Really, I have the mister’s clothes, two bins of maternity-wear, winter sweaters, and a few summer clothes on their way to the stockpile.  And I got a couple of pre-prego pieces lingering around that I just couldn’t bear to part with.

I also have a little wish list of things to add: a pair of Tom’s, a floral layering top and a pair of dark-wash skinny jeans to replace my current oldies.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour-de-closet.   For now, there’s a fashionista texting me from her iPhone to get over here for her thrice-daily outfit/accessory change.

So I want to hear what you are rockin’ for fall.  Any of you girls out there cracking open your bins of seasonal goodies?  More importantly, any closet purge-o-rama’s under way that I need to know about?