The Living Room

The genesis of my home decor is the living room.  A work in process for over a year, this lovely living space is brought to you from my good friend Ike, and my talented mother-in-law.

My Vision:  Yellows, blues, greens and browns.  Retro-modern with organic elements like leaves, trees, plants and wicker.  Clean, functional and personal.

Paint: Winter Mood by Behr

I never thought I would pick a yellow for the walls, but after purchasing enough paint samples to open my own hardware store, I went back to the hue that first struck my fancy: Winter Mood by Behr.  It’s a buttery yellow with just a touch of green. And I just couldn’t get away from the cheeriness. Once I got it up on my living room walls, I adored it. (I always get flat paint, unless it’s a bath or kitchen.)

Window Treatments: Ikea Stockholm Blad

I wanted a large print curtain, and I found my heart’s desire in the textile department at Ikea.  The leafiness and the muddy colors were bellowing out to me in Swedish, “BLAD!”  Since I only had to buy two sets,  I sprung for the Blads…and I was uber glad.  To maximize the usage, my sewing maven mother-in-law hemmed them and saved the scraps to whip me up some fabulous match-y throw pillows. (Sorry, I can’t tell you where I got the crafty MIL, you’ll have to find one yourself.)

The Couch Area:  Ashley Furniture Couch and Ikea Ekby Bjarnum Shelves

The very first furniture investment in our new house (and as a married couple, actually), was our choco-brown leather sectional from Ashley Furniture.  For this, we saved many-a penny. We decided on a sectional with a chaise.  For me, it had kind of a mod look.  For Dave, it was just plain fun lounge around on. We chose brown leather for durability and ease of cleaning. The ottoman is our multipurpose coffee table/foot rest/laptop desk.

Aloft, my sis and I staggered inexpensive Ikea Ekby Bjarnum Shelves and adorned them with old books, vases, milk glass, thrifted platters, Ikea mirrors, and framed Target tree prints for a dimensional look.  This one’s all about the groupings of threes, my friend.

We picked up a tall side table from Home Goods and a drum-shade table lamp.  The whimsy little clay bird you see atop the old books was made for me by, who else but my oh-so-talented MIL? (Sensing a theme here?)

The Media Center:  Ikea Besta/Framsta and Samsung TV

Credit where credit is due: this beaut was Dave’s contribution.  This man loves him a mammoth screen, and my only requirement, as usual: Hide.  The.  Cords.  He did this with our Ikea Besta/Framsta media center, which was our Christmas gift to eachother. The casters on the bottom aren’t so aesthetic, but they are great when you have to get back there and mess with those cords. He surprised me by choosing the retro-looking wood-grain Framsta doors (fist pump), and then further impressed me by suggesting I grab those  Ikea Textur lamps in our bedroom and see if they looked okay on the media center (double fist pump).  Okay then. Not bad for a nerd.

The Storage Corner:  Ikea Billy, Ikea Hendriksal

My “storage corner”, as I like to call it, started as a challenge to fill that nook for free.  So I did a scavenge and came up with a Billy bookshelf which I swiped from the office, and one of my four Ikea Hendriksal dining chairs.  I filled the shelf with books  from the office and my super-useful Kasset boxes and baskets and tucked one of my dining chairs next to it for some extra seating. Ikea Malma mirrors and one of my Target tree pics make a tidy little arrangement of three above the chair.  A freebie well-done.

The Family Picture Corner: Wicker and Family Photos

The wicker chair, which was bequeathed to me by my mother-in-law, which was previously owned by my sister-in-law makes me so happy.  The cushion and pillow were lovingly crafted by…guess who…yes, I know. I need to learn to sew my own stuff.  The wicker-y lamp is, you guessed it, brought to you by my BFF Ike.

The mini gallery is a combo of Dollar Store, Target, Ikea and thrift store frames spray-painted black and white, and filled with B&W family prints.  I dug through my own photo collection and then paid a visit to my MIL to get a few for Davey’s side of the fam.  WELL, turns out my MIL is the queen of old family pictures, and she practically threw boxes of them at me. Which I loved. I picked my faves, scanned them and had them printed off at good ol’ Walgreens.

I love to hang out in my living room, whether it’s watching a movie or reading a book, it’s a place where I just like to be.   And that’s what homemaking is all about!  What about you?  Do you have a favorite room in your house?  Ever had a vision for a room and had the time to be able to finally put it all together?