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Hi, my name is Rachael!  My friends and family call me by my middle name, which is Faye.  

Me in six sentences:  I am the oldest of seven children and an introvert who likes to pretend she’s an extrovert. I talk to my sister probably at least twice a day (if not in person, in my head).  I am fond of bacon, whipped cream, productivity and mornings.  My greatest fears include listening to voice mail and parallel parking.  I often speed read (books on my Kindle) and speed shop (at local thrift stores).  On a normal day you can find me around the house in a top knot and moccasins with a mug of coffee that has probably been re-warmed at least four to six times.  My latest creative pursuits include quilting, sewing and photography.  

From Faye (formerly Frugal Faye) began as a way to share my projects around the house with friends and family.   I started out writing about debt-free living.  Now I focus on writing about things that inspire me: simplicity, creativity, and making home. You’ll find plenty of practical how-to’s, reports on our weekly happenings, and of course, the occasional musing.  A few of my favorite subjects to blog about include natural living, housekeeping and decorating.  I am always learning something new and using my blog as a canvas for my projects.  My dream would be for you to visit my blog and leave saying “Hey, I could do that too!”  


I was born in Lawrence, Kansas and lived in Kansas City, Missouri when I was small.  My parents wanted a simple life, many children, and a quaint roadside fruit stand.  We moved to rural Kansas where I spent most of grade school through high school.  After I graduated, my family moved to Atlanta, Georgia.  I attended college at Georgia State University, where I earned a B.A. in Spanish for International Business. I spent a year in service at a local ministry and later worked as a bookkeeper for a real estate company.

What can I say. I’m a rebel.  And by rebel, I mean bookworm.

One day I unexpectedly fell in love with a bonafide computer nerd who clubbed me over the head and dragged me to his cave on the West Coast.  He does brilliant things like put the Internet on disks for people.  He gave me books and introduced me to The Twitters and The Web Logs.  And that is how I became a blogger and mother to two charming and amusing little girls.    

Let’s be friends.  (Introverts love socializing over the Internet.)  The best place to find me is on Instagram at Fromfaye. You can also find me on Facebook at my page Frugal Faye  or on Twitter at @fromfaye.   If you don’t believe in Facey-Space, get on The Email and talk to me at [email protected]!

Here are a few of my most popular posts to get you started:

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Find anything on this blog that helped you?  Comment. Pin. Tweet. Share.  Text your BFF.  Have something you’d like to read about?  Let me know.  I like to write.

  • http://happilyeverafterifinishthelaundry.blogspot.com/ Rachael

    Hello there… I am a Rachael too! :) Found your blog when researching Ikea media centers. I think I will follow it! I’m on the path to being debt free as well… though not as determined at times as I ought to be. Cheers!

    • http://www.frugalfaye.com Rachael

      Thanks for commenting! And welcome! It’s nice to meet other debt-free geeks! :)

  • Cheryl S.

    Hi…Stumbled upon your blog when I searvhed for vinegar vs alcohol based homemade cleaners. Been using a vinegar based one I loved then switched to alcohol based just to try something new and I agree with you on your findings.

    I am also several years into being debt free and always want to clean out and organize more!

  • http://www.staceyogdenshomemade.com Stacey Ogden

    Hi! I just wanted to thank you for telling others about my products! I never heard of your blog until someone mentioned you referring them to me. Your blog is great! Keep up the good work of telling others how to save money and be healthy.

    • http://www.frugalfaye.com Rachael

      Stacey, thank you! We love the tooth powder, it’s perfect for my daughter! Chrissy Helmer of Eco Chic Baby and Home told me about it!

  • Rachel Faye

    Hi Rachael…I’m actually a Rachel Faye! Stumbled upon your blog today and am really enjoying reading about your journey. Thank you so much for genuine reflections on health and debt free living! Keep up the good work!

    • frugalfaye

      Oh my goodness…what are the chances? You are the first Rachel Faye I have ever met!

  • http://www.facebook.com/carrie.brenner Carrie Brenner

    Hi Rachael,

    I stumbled upon your blog through Google. I love the content you feature about frugal living! I’m really interested in partnering with you–I also write for a blog that features money-saving tips and frugal living advice!

    • frugalfaye

      Hi Carrie, thanks for commenting! Leave me a link to the blog; I’d love to follow!

  • http://www.facebook.com/erin.mcgown.5 Erin McGown

    So I just discovered your blog and love it! I’ve been eating organic/grass-fed/local for the last year or so and have joined a CSA, but I haven’t done much of the “natural” home/personal products so I am excited to read about what you have done. Hope you are doing well!

    • frugalfaye

      Erin, thank you for stopping by! Lots of homemade cleaning and toiletries on here, and more to come!

  • http://www.jennibailey.com/ Jenni Bailey

    I found your blog last night while trying to figure out how to run my (full) dishwasher after realizing I was out of 7th Gen detergent. We’re doing Dave Ramsey too and I knew there had to be a way with what I had at home. So I found your post on dishwasher detergent, fell totally in love with your blog, and then saw that you were born in Lawrence, Kansas and fell totally in love with you too (I was born in Manhattan, Kansas). I am having so much fun reading through your posts and getting SO many ideas. You are awesome times ten.

    • frugalfaye

      Girrrrl, you know how to make a blogger’s night! Ha ha! I love it! I hope we don’t have to be arch rivals since you are a Wildcat and I’m a Jayhawk. Just kidding…I root for KU during basketball and K-State during football!

  • Kevin

    Hi Faye, I was hoping you would be open to working with me to help some moms pinch a few pennies. When you get a chance, please shoot me an email. Thanks!


  • Jayme

    Just found your blog, and I am SO excited. I am a SAHM to a 12-month-old, and expecting baby #2 in June. I love being our household manager, and finding ways to cook/clean/organize/decorate on a budget has become a fun challenge for me. New follower here! I might spend my next week reading through all of your archives!