Rainy Saturday

The Pineapple Express was in full swing this weekend.  PRECIPITATION!  It’s rare.  I documented it.  Thank you, polar jetstream and Hawaiin Islands.

Here’s a lil’ story in pictures of our rainy Saturday.

Rainy Day CollagePancake Making 5DSC0003DSC0026Pancake Collage 1Pancake Eating Evy 4DSC0135DSC0030Dishes Collage 2Dish Soap Pour 1Dishes CollageDishesDishes Collage 1Evy 8Evy 6Evy 7Evy 4Evy 3Evy 9Puzzles 3Puzzle Collage 1Puzzles 4Puzzles 1Getting Ready 2Getting Ready LibbyGetting Ready Collage 1Getting Ready CrawlingGetting Ready Collage 3Getting Ready 4Getting Ready Evy 1Getting Ready 10Getting Ready Evy 2Walk Collage 1Walk 5Walk Collage 5Walk 9Walk Collage 4

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  • Kim Campbell

    The matching! I can hardly stand to know these girls just through the interwebs…love them so.

  • Claire Wolf

    Looks like a great rainy day. Can I ask – where are the girls blue and purple dresses from? So cute!

    • Rachael Alsbury

      They’re from a little mom-owned company called Alice & Ames! Best dress EVER! I literally could have bought them two or three of those and nothing else for fall and winter!

      • Claire Wolf

        Neato! I’ll check them out. :-)