Ellory Anne



This was fun.

My doula and friend Yvonne just delivered her daughter Ellory Anne last week.  I really nearly begged her to let me come over and take photos.  Correction:  I literally begged her.  Her house is a treasure trove of white walls, original wood trim and vintage furnishings.  She and her husband are slowly renovating and restoring their family’s 1900’s farmhouse, located on some beautiful acreage outside of the town where David grew up.  I wish I could have stayed there all day snooping into every room taking pictures of their baby for the Internet.

But that might have been a little rude.

Also, I just need to say.  I am so proud of this lady right here.  She and Tim waited and prayed for Ellory a long time.  Even in the angst of that waiting, she served many, many women as a birth and postpartum doula.  She helped me to prepare for and deliver Evelyn with such a generous heart.   Cleaned my house when I was too pregnant to care if my toilets were black.  Encapsulated my placenta, emptied my trash cans, stripped sheets, slept overnight with Evy in my guest room and brought her up to me for feedings every few hours.  Delivered me toasty, buttered banana bread in bed and left peachy french toast casseroles for me to throw in the oven in the morning.  And probably 100 other things I’ll probably never know about.

Just, you know.  A FEW MINOR WHAT-NOTS.  This is a very good way to make a friend that will never leave you alone ever for the rest of your life.

When I found out she was pregnant, I danced a postpartum jig in my living room.  We won’t talk about what that looked like.

I just think Yvonne is a remarkable example of how to take an informed and balanced approach to pregnancy and birth.  It was not the easiest of pregnancies!  Still, she prepared her body for the natural delivery she hoped to have in concurrence with care from her medical team.  She went with her motherly instincts the whole way through and had a beautiful delivery.

Ellory, you got a good one.  Also, you are an exceptionally pretty newborn!

Here are a few of my favorites of the Ferguson’s.

Newborn And Mom Lifestyle

Newborn Lifestyle At Home

Newborn Lifestyle Ellory

Newborn Lifestyle Photo 2

Newborn Lifestyle


Newborn Lifestyle Photography 1


Newborn Lifestyle Photography


Newborn Lifestyle Photos 1

Newborn Lifestyle Photography Dad



WELCOME to this planet, Ellory.  We’ve been waiting for you.

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