DIY Essential Oils Travel Kit

Hey!  I’m in Georiga!

At the moment I’m sitting in my parent’s living room in my pajamas having a cuppa tea.  I found a great deal on some non-stop flights from SFO to Atlanta and decided at the last minute to take the girls on an extended stay for the month of October before the holidays and some major calendar things hit.  It’s so good to be home.  I just want to sit here and do absolutely nothing. And I am.

Prepping for this trip was all about packing smart for our carry-ons.  Grossly overpack a large roll-y suitcase to a tenth of a pound below the weight limit?  Done.  Packing a mom and two little ones for all potential scenarios that could occur within twelve hours of car rides, airport navigation and plane travel?  Where the heck is Mary Poppins when you need to borrow her bag?

Having been stuck making this trek with sick babes in tow a few times, on the top of my list (under snacks, of course) is being prepared with a Mom-level arsenal of remedies to soothe little sicklings on the go.  Immunity boosting, constipation, tummy aches, restlessness, coughing and croup are just a few of the things that call for essential oils around here.  I prefer herbs, but on the go I love not having to deal with trying to get funny tasting herbs or sticky medicines into my kid’s bellies.

After finally taking the time to do my own research on essential oil safety (you can read about that here.) , I am MILITANT about never, ever using essential oils undiluted, especially with children.  (That is another soap box for another time.)  But I also knew that I really wouldn’t be able to fiddle with the hassle of diluting oils while juggling two toddlers in the middle of a busy airport or a cramped plane seat.

I looked into purchasing some rollers and fractionated coconut oil to mix with my favorite oils.  But it was so expensive!  And I had perfectly good bottles of coconut oil and essential oils already at home.

So, what then?  Well, I decided to make my own DIY essential oils travel kit! Of course!

Amber Cosmetics Jars for Essential Oils

First, I got on Amazon and ordered a twelve-pack of these one ounce glass amber salve jars.  You always want to store your oils in glass and keep them sheltered from sunlight.  The oils will break down plastic over time and can also lose their potency when exposed to too much light.

I probably could have gotten a better deal if I had shopped around, but I literally came up with this idea a few days before we left, so Amazon Prime it was!

Doterra Essential Oils for Travel

Next, I gathered my favorite essential oils.  (My collection at the time was DoTerra, but there are other good and less expensive brands out there which you can read about in my post here.  Also, a few months after writing this post, I did more research and found that the above oils were not kid-safe, so I use other essential oils on my children now.)

Diluting Essential Oils

The salve jars came with these nifty little spatulas, which I love!

Nutiva Coconut Oil for Diluting Essential Oils

The first step was using my little spatula to scoop a tablespoon of coconut oil into my jar.

Coconut Oil

Next, I added 2-3 drops of essential oil to the coconut oil and mixed it up with my spatula.

Using Amber Cosmetics Jars to Dilute Essential Oils

I just love that about essential oils!  You don’t need much at all.  2-3 drops of each oil is lasting us this entire trip…and we’ve been sharing too!

Paint Pen

Now, this being a last-minute project, I realized that I didn’t actually have a way to label my jars.  In retrospect, some little stickers from the office supply store would have worked great.

In the moment, I scrounged up a white paint pen in my craft box.  I labeled the top of each lid with the first letter of the oil.   (In case you were wondering, the paint pen rubbed off within a few days, so I’ve resorted to opening and sniffing each blend.)

Essential OIls for Travel

I started with just four oils, but ended up making five!  

Essential Oils for Travel Quart Baggie

Next, I put them all in my sexy one-quart zip top baggie for security.   (We paid to do TSA pre-check this time and no one even ended up checking our liquids…so worth it!)

Essential OIls for Flight

Then I stuffed the whole thing into a much cuter cloth bag.  For padding…and cuteness.

Not only has this been such a useful little kit for our travel, but when I get home I plan to use the rest of my jars to pre-dilute all of my favorite oils for easy access around the house.

If you have questions about what essential oils are and how to use them, I highly recommend the web site Learning About EO’s.  It is a professional, safety-oriented, and non-biased information source with easy-to-read articles about all things essential oil.

Signing off from Atlanta, Georgia!  See you guys in November!

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  • Sara Wutzke

    Awesome! I have still not jumped on the EO bandwagon-are you selling doterra or just love them? When my husband was in residency I made the trek to Oregon from Massachusetts with my kids solo several times-a locked down travel routine is essential, ha! I’m interested in learning more about oils, so I’ll check out that link. Hope you have a fantastic time with your parents, it’s always so nice to get that little break!

  • Jen Antoniou

    While a large portion of my arsenal is doterra, I also am finding I am extremely pleased with godesana, and they have a large variety of baby products too! They are much more detailed and scientific, it seems, in their approach and seem to work more intuitively. It’s very different and less salesy, though I’m quite happy with both and have also used Young Living and things from natural food stores. I also believe, if I understand correctly, that GoDesana uses more sustainable practices. I have to research it more, but my slower work season has begun, so I should have some time for that.

    Now I wanna prime and make some of my own… great idea! And I bet cheaper than roller balls.

    Safe travels! You won’t be back until the weather cools here… which happens tomorrow! Miss ya!

  • Leslie

    Hi. I’m not an essential oil expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I have heard (and read online) very negative things about the owner of Young Living oils. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but if you google it I’m sure you’ll find it too. There is some question as to whether or not it’s a reputable company based on his (supposed) criminal past and lack of training/degrees/education. Just wanted to let you know- you can do your own research about them and decide what you believe. .. Also I’ve been using eucalyptus on my kids for years and when I looked at the article you recommended I saw that it’s not recommended for young kids- along with a few others I have been using. Yikes! I still have so much to learn. Thanks for the post.

    • fromfaye

      Hey Leslie! Yeah, there is a big rivalry out there between DoTerra and Young Living. There is “dirt” out there on both of them. That is why I try not to advocate for either brand (though I use Doterra because I have family members that sell it!) I only know this because when I was trying to find a reliable source online for essential oil safety, all I could find were blog posts and comment threads with mud slinging on both brands. The story is that the owner of Doterra used to be partners with the owner of Young Living and split to do his own thing. That is why I only refer to Learning About EO’s for my information. And yes on Eucalyptus I just recently stopped using it on my kids, unless in dire circumstances (croup) I used it the other day… a little diluted on feet only. I quit using peppermint on them too! This essential oils thing is a BIG research project!

  • Kelly

    Hi Faye, I’m Kelly I have two girls that look about the same age as yours. I live in Kansas City and just wanted you to know that I strumbled on your adorable life/blog. Thanks for sharing! my blog is

  • Jennifer Frye

    Amazing post!! Very informative. I made a kit just like yours and saved me a lot of hassle. But I used Infinity Jars as my storage as the Jars are more capable of keeping everything fresh and effective for a long time compared to amber glasses.