Wednesday Weekly

Hey howdy hey…

It’s Wednesday Weekly…that weekly insta-drop where I talk to you like I’m on the phone with you and you’re my sister.  In other words, I talk mostly about myself and use a lot of fragmented sentences while hollering at my kids not to climb on things.

First things first…we closed on our new house! And sold our home, simultaneously.  Which for our realtor, was basically making a double rainbow and a pink unicorn materialize in front of us simultaneously.  So she is pretty rad.  (Oh, and YES we are staying local!)

Right this instant we are technically living in someone else’s property.  (Many complex and random feelings on this subject, which you’ll probably hear about in a meandering, over-sharing post to come.)  Commence box hoarding and stocking up on a thousand rolls of that saran-wrapp-y stuff.  I wrap erra thang with that bad boy.

No insta for that.  But soon.  (By the way, are we Instagram friends yet?)

IMG 7642

This weekend we went to our friend’s birthday party, where we were served a gourmet barbecue meal, including homemade hot dog buns (YOU MUST..MUST TRY THIS) and homemade ice cream sandwiches.  Southern hostesses got nothing on my friend Yvonne, you guys. In our neck o’ the woods, there are no mosquitos and it’s really normal for the summer afternoon temps to drop down to cardigan weather after the sun sets.  I totally see why people invest in their outdoor living spaces here.  Totally. Also, I will never stop loving string lights.  Ever.

IMG 7683

I’m super proud of myself for getting up early to walk (and in some cases even jog) these past few weeks.  Honestly, some days I’m in my Rocky zone jogging it out to Beyonce and other days I’m just winning if I manage to stroll around the block a few times catching up with my mom.  I’ve totally changed my views on exercise in the last six months.  I think that establishing a lasting, healthy habit is SO much more important than a “result.”  My goal is to keep getting up early to do some kind of movement, because I enjoy it…and because it feels weird not to.

IMG 7671

Guys, I can’t even tell you how much the blogging world has (ironically) re-awakened my love for books, especially print.  As a reward for getting all my Saturday chores done, I spent Sunday on the couch with this book ^^ by Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess Blog.  I’ve been really sinking my teeth into growing my photography skill set.  I read and practice, read and practice (bash head on keyboard) and read some more.  After going over all the ABM photography tutorials and taking their Blog Life E-Course (which destroyed any other book I’ve ever read on blogging), I discovered this inspiring A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book.  It is just the kind of thing I’ve been looking for.  After I read it, I was ready to grab my camera and start playing.  I got this copy from the library, but I will definitely be buying this book in print for my own library.

IMG 7501

Speaking of…one of my photos was featured last week on Annapolis and Co’s blog and Instagram!  (It’s the cup of tea in the right column).  Mary Beth is a mom and food photographer who shares iPhone photography tips on her blog.  She has created a welcoming and positive Instagram community under the tag #theeverydayproject, which is all about finding beauty in the every day.  With our iPhone cameras, of course!   (That’s why you will see this tag in almost all of my grams.  If you check out this tag on Instagram, you’ll find some great photographers to follow.)

I first began reading her tutorials and challenges last year in November.  It is what really cracked open the mysteries of basic photography for me. Every week, she gives a photo prompt to her followers.  Last week’s was “ritual.”

I’m so happy to be a part of this community (my friends @jennverdery and @flutterbyhannah have also been featured on The Everyday Project).  If you are interested in learning more about how to use the camera on your smartphone, this is the very best place to be!

IMG 7789

I just want to say thank you guys for reading this blog and for all your encouragement.  Every comment is read and taken to heart.  I really don’t know what I would have done this past year without this creative space to ramble and rant in.  When people tell me “Hey, I read your blog,”  it makes my day, every time.

Alright guys, I’ve got Emeals in the oven and a hot date to watch McGuyver on Netflix.  (No, I really do.)  Have a good one…tomorrow is Thursday…which is one day before Friday.  Take luck and care…care and luck, and make sure to take care of that luck.  And most of all, don’t blow donut day.

(Bonus points if that made any sense to you at all. And if it didn’t, go to Netflix this instant and watch this dude right here.  Legendary and appropriately  quotable for all of life’s situations.)

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