Whole Home Detox: My Summer Make-Up Essentials

Hey guys, I’m looking to wrap up my Whole Home Detox series, but I just could NOT resist another cosmetics post.  I know. As if you need another one of these.

But it’s summer!

(Are you seeing the logic here?  Me neither, but I never said this was a logical blog!)

DSC 0611

I’ve become quite the minimalist with my make-up these days.  Back in my toxic make-up days (pre-Mary Kay) I had a fat Caboodle stuffed with Cover Girl and a lot of very old, hot pink blush. And smashed sticks of Bonne Bell Dr. Pepper lip balms.  It smelled like crayons and cherry lip gloss inside and I miss it.

I still love make-up, but now I’m an informed consumer.  I can walk into Ulta now without feeling that weird mix of elation and severe anxiety.  You guys have no idea how WIN this is for me. Oh, the angst over rows and rows of pink rainbow shades of lip gloss! The temptation to fill a basket with fat tubes of lash lengthening mascaras!  The allure of 88 kinds of eye shadow brushes!

It is no more.

Yes, Ulta still tries to do strange, intoxicating things to me.  But I can win.

DSC 0615

Though I’m a minimalist, I would actually like to have more make-up options in my bag. I’m working towards that, since completely switching over was a big, expensive deal.  I really do not recommend this method, but I compulsively chucked all my old stuff and started from scratch.

I’m still in the process of figuring out what I like.  With make-up you have to not only know you like the brand, but you also have to figure out which shades of everything you like from that particular brand!  ‘Cause why do they all have to be different?  I don’t know.

DSC 0630

I know how you ladies do understand this first world problem.

DSC 0603

Right now I have several different brands in my bag.  It’s all to do with inconsistencies in toxicity levels between brands and products that I like.  My main go-to’s have turned out to be 100% Pure and Gabriel Cosmetics (and their affiliate line, Zuzu Luxe), because they are most consistent lines for wearability and low toxicity.  Oh! And affordability.  Of course.

Non Toxic Summer Make Up 2

For summer you cannot beat Bare Minerals bronzer.  It’s a must-have.  Because let’s face it, it lasts forever and I like to pretend I’m tan.  (Pure and Gabriel have cleaner powders and foundations, which is why I don’t use Bare Minerals across the board.)

DSC 0665

For lips, I like Mac (yes, they have the best red shades, and they are surprisingly clean in the lipstick department) and Mineral Fusion lip gloss.

Essential to summer is also 100% Pure’s tinted moisturizer.  Light and conditioning.  Dab on some powder and you are good to go.

Non Toxic Summer Make Up 1

But my favorite summer-y addition?

DSC 0657

Love and Toast Sugar Grapefruit body spray.  I have tried a number of non-toxic perfumes in the past couple of years, including every Pacifica flavor, and this one ranks in my top five.  I feel it’s my responsibility to this blog, you know, to try all the perfumes and such.  Very summer, and meets my criteria for “each item for $20 or less.”

What would I like to add to my bag?  Well, I would love to learn how to do a killer smoky eye.  (Oh, I hear YouTube calling me. Deep into the night. )

By the way, I do not get paid to tell you about these brands.  Nope. I have no affiliate associations with any of these (I did for a while with Pure, but not anymore.)  For now, my primary objective is to have fun and give you guys valuable information.  As in, #thatwasfree. And, #themoreyouknow.

You can get most of these for a really good price either on Vitacost.com or LuckyVitamin.  I also sometimes order my make-up on Amazon with my Prime orders. (The 100% Pure website has excellent customer service and discounts, like free phone consultations and shipping.)

You can read more details about how I found these brands and how to go about detoxing your make-up bag here:

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Now, go paint your face up! Either with the brands listed above…or for all the hipsters, with some bees wax and crushed berries from the wild berry patch in the PNW woods behind your cottage, naturally.   (Not that I’m jelly, or anything.)

I love all you crazy people who actually read this thing and still have respect for me at the end of the day.

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  • Jen Antoniou

    Cute. We should play color sometime. Haven’t done that since my active MK days (which, coincidentally included smokey eye training from Hollywood makeup artists…

  • Audra Besso Humphrey

    This is the smokey eye I try to copy. I want the eyeshadow she uses.

    • http://www.fromfaye.com/ fromfaye

      Ok watching!!