Wednesday Weekly

Hello, Wednesday.  I love you.  Let’s get married.

This week was stellar guys.  Stellar.  One, it was a three day weekend (4th of July and ‘merica and all.)

Two, a bunch of other good things.   Which I’ll tell you.  Because I know you want to know.  You do.

IMG 7497

(Our friend Ben took this photo of me and the girls on our way to a 4th of July barbecue at my friend Katie’s with the sun glowing around our heads.  He’s a real life photographer and all.  I caption it:  “I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.”)

I think I’ve said before that this last year has been hard.  And I shared that the last two weeks were kinda junky.  I just felt like I was running my head into a brick wall, ya know?  Everything I was trying to do has seemed overly impossible.  All the Stuff: parenting, time management, self care, growing spiritually, establishing healthy habits, cultivating community, learning new skills.   (ACK. WHAT TO DO WITH THIS BLOG. ACK ACK.)

I don’t know what it was about this week, but something happened, and the sun broke through the clouds in like every single one of these areas.

First, we’ve been TRYING and TRYING to figure out how to have a relaxing “Sabbath-like” Sunday.  You know.  Like, not talking about work or being on social media every 8th second or doing projects around the house. Well, this Sunday WE DID IT.

We slept in, listened to some spiritual teachings, brunched, napped and mall strolled.  I had tea and went to bed early with the dishwasher whirring and the whole house blissfully at peace.

IMG 7458

I probably really have to thank our three day weekend for this.  But please, let’s pretend every Sunday henceforth will be this, k?

IMG 7456

And then there was this.

IMG 7336

Upon hearing cries of deep distress, I grabbed my camera and snapped like 78 pictures, obv.  I mean, if that’ s not winning at parenting, then you tell me what is.  She’s a pretty good balancer.

IMG 7274

And this.  No caption needed.

IMG 7499

And this.  Which I caption: I LIKE TO GET UP AT 5 AM WITH MY MOM.  AIN’T LIFE GRAND?

She does.  But don’t miss the positive embedded in that: I GOT UP AT 5 AM THIS WEEK.  Oh, it was all kinds of awesome.  Talk about changing my life.  Last week I made 6 am consistently.  Re-setting my body clock to do 5 am is my ultimate goal.  I will do this. I will do this.

IMG 7495

The ONLY, way I achieve this is literally jumping straight out of bed, throwing on shoes and taking a brisk, one-ish hour walk outside.  I’ve been doing this for about two weeks now and the last few days have finally started to not feel like a baby hippopotamus sat on my face.  And that’s pretty cool.

Look at that California sky.

IMG 7475

And now. You guys, if you haven’t gotten Emeals yet, what on Earth are you doing with your life?  For $5 a month you get a full week’s meal plan (any diet of your choice.  We do Clean Eating), recipes, shopping lists and a free app.  I cannot live without it.  It basically has taught me how to cook.  This week we expanded our horizons with beet, goat cheese and watermelon salad for dinner.  Dressing from scratch.

IMG 7494

And I’m really proud of myself for choosing self care over the drive through window today.  It was a long, long morning, as someone very small awoke with me at 5 am (SEE PHOTO REFERENCE ABOVE).  By noon all I wanted was a drive-through lunch followed up by a large, sugary latte with extra whip.  Instead, I chose this. (Garden veggies on farmer’s market bread with local cheese, raw almonds and organic watermelon), a big glass of water and a twenty minute power nap.

And my twenty minute power nap, I mean 2.5 hour nap with my kids.

Enough said.

I love all you crazy fools who read this.   Peace, love, and good vibes to your week.

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  • Jen Antoniou

    I adore your version of 20 min power naps. THE.BEST.

  • Andrea Parsons

    Sounds the perfect week :)