Whole Home Detox: My Favorite (Sorta) Non-Toxic Hair Products

Hey, do you guys remember like, a bazillion years ago back when dinosaurs roamed the Internet and I started a little project called my Whole Home Detox?

Welp, it’s almost done!

I’ve actually gotten rid of about 90% of the toxic stuff in our house and replaced them with either a homemade product or a commercial product of safe, natural ingredients.

I think this may be one of my last posts for the series!  It’s been a couple of years, right?  Hey, just a testament to the fact that big changes don’t happen overnight.  Nor do they need to!

So let’s talk about my hair.

You know you want to.  You do.

Eco Chic Hair Products

First, I confess that I went back to shampooing my hair with real shampoo and conditioner. (I currently switch between Avalon Organics  and Nature’s Gate.  Previous to that, I was using the “no ‘poo” method, which you can read about here and here.)

It was the week of Christmas and I was minor depressed and major nostalgic…and darn it, I just wanted to hop in the shower and lather up with some good-smellin’s.  So I did.

It was the right thing to do.  I was immediately comforted and Christmas cheered.  Smells, you guys.  They mean something to me.

Anyways, after I hopped out of the shower, my hair felt so weird.  After a year and a half of only being washed with a little bit of baking soda and apple cider vinegar (and actually liking the results), I barely had to use any shampoo at all.  Though I quickly remembered why I used to have to use like 1/3 of a bottle of conditioner afterwards.

It was weird and slippery for a little while, and then it swung back into it’s old oil-producing habits pretty quick.  It’s alright.  I am at peace with it.

With my long hair (especially with “no ‘poo”) I never used any hair product at all.  I just didn’t need to.  My hair is thick and naturally wavy, so after it reaches a certain length, it holds pretty much any style on it’s own with no help necessary.

But this spring, I got a lob (that’s a long bob, ya know) and I LOVE IT.  I think lobs are my hair destiny.  I can do pretty much anything I could do with long hair, besides a top knot (which who cares because it hurt my head anyway.)

Honestly, you guys, I am not a long hair person.  I rarely like super long hair on anyone, especially not myself.  Past the shoulders and I’m a hard sell.  What does it do?  Nothing.  It hangs. Prettily, perhaps, but just as prettily six inches shorter.  Just my two cents.

Anyways, cutting length off my hair actually requires a little more maintenance because the shorter my hair is, the thicker and curlier it tends to act. So I have to do a little work with it.  Which is okay with me because I really do get some of my greatest revelations while I am flat ironing my lob, piece by piece.

I checked the EWG database for scores on each product, but I’m not as picky as I am about my make-up, since it’s not directly on my skin. I went for avoiding major toxins, but I didn’t force myself to be a purist by any means.

Without further analysis of my hair, here are my (sorta) non-toxic hair favorites:

Non Toxic Hair Products

Giovanni Wicket Texture Pomade

Giovanni Wicked Texture Styling Pomade, for when I do a beachy wave.  Just a lil’ scoop in the palm of the hands, distributed through the ends is all you need.  Best way to apply is with the head flipped upside down.  EWG Score: 6, limited information. No parabens, SLS or animal by-products.  Though it smells good, so I would guess it does probably contain phlathates.

Moroccan Oil

Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment . Because who does not live for this stuff?  And because my hair stylist put an eensy dab on my hair and it was a Hair Miracle.  I put it on while my hair is damp before drying and then apply another dab to finish the ends on days that I straighten with the flat iron.  Scores on EWG varied from 0-5 depending on the brand.  This brand was not shown in the database, but if I had to guess I would call it a 5.   This was a very expensive, but completely satisfying whim purchase directly from the salon. I have no idea what the score is in the EWG database.  I justified it to myself as it is oil from a tree and all.  Here again, I would wager it also contains phlathates judging by it’s divinely synthetic smell.  Worth it.

Hemp Straightening Balm

Alterna Hemp Straightening Balm.  I have no idea about this product at all, besides it works and it says “hemp,” which I feel like is really pure and exotic.  I don’t attempt to live without straightening balm when my hair is short. I apply this to my hair when it is damp each time I style it, whether I plan to go straight or textured. It’s a real frizz-tamer, so it’ll be hard to rip this out of my sweaty, clenched fists. EWG Score: 5.  Limited information as to why.  Probably it’s sorta toxic.

Well, now.  I’ve loosened up quite a bit when it comes to hair and toxicity.  Even though I am likely slathering my hair in phlathates, I am actually proud of myself for being an informed consumer.  Because if you know your hair is being slathered in minor chemicals, it’s not as harmful, right?

The conclusion is that I will probably be trying more Giovanni products (I like their pomade and it seems to be the cleanest of the three) and looking for an organic Moroccan Oil sans phlathates.  I’m a work in process here.

Oh!  And I forgot to snap a pic of my hair spray. I rarely use it…it’s Alba Botanica and it’s “meh.”  Man, I wish aerosol hair spray wasn’t a killer of life on Earth.

By the way, the best place to get these products is either Amazon.com or Lucky Vitamin!

Alright you crazy kids, I’m going to bed.  By the way, I’ll gladly take your suggestions on “clean” hair products!

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  • Jen Antoniou

    I LOVE Moroccan Oil products. The best! My most favorite stylist was very into them and she’s fairly crunchy, so that is how I choose to justify it. 😉

    I need to try your hemp frizz stuff. My extra long (which I love) wavy, thick hair needs anti-frizz help.

    This crazy mop needs assistance, so thanks! Gonna try your stuff out. :) Since I am due for more hair goo anyway.