Wednesday Weekly

Welcome to my weekly Insta-drop!  (You can follow me on Instagram here.)

Okay. Talk first, then pictures.

So…this week was great!


I would say that I think it was a learning week.  (That’s a nice therapist term for “crappy”.)

The tension was high on the home front, and I couldn’t figure out what fer.  Nothing earth-shattering or traumatizing was happening, but also, nothing was working. Everything in my parenting that used to work felt like driving my forehead into a cement wall over and over.  And over.

I finally turned around and realized “Hey, you know what, it’s change.” Just plain change.

First, we are in the middle of making a minor, but disruptive transition (selling our house and moving…locally, of course).  It’s a necessary move that feels like a big leap, but will be a good thing in the long run.

Second, my kids are changing, like, a lot.   I have two toddlers now, and that means they need me physically (like babies…they can’t do much of anything for themselves yet) AND emotionally (like bigger kids, they need direction and attention.)  I have to be “fully present” and “on,” and “one step ahead.” At. All. Times.  Anything else is basically a set-up for disaster.

(And all the motherhood vets and parents of multiples out there are like, “Mmmhhhmmm, welcome to the club honey.”  Thanks, guys, but is it bad I kinda feel cool about being so legit? )

I had a “GOOD GRAVY MARIE, PLEASE COMMIT ME TO AN ASYLUM” moment, and then a “HEAVENS TO BETSY…THERE ARE ONLY TWO OF YOU!” moment.  (Those are the G-rated terms, for my familial audience who prefer to think of me as a Nice Christian Lady.)

It all turned out to be good.  It forced me into moving some priorities around and upping the “intention” side of my parenting.  We made several big shifts this week, and the positive difference is being felt all around.  Some adjustments feel weird, but I’m sure it will seem totally normal in time.

IMG 7199

Ain’t she cute?  I mean.

Now, onto business.

IMG 7122

I participated in #fridayintroductions this week on Instagram with Naptime Diaries and the Tiny Twig (you can follow them here and here on Instagram).  You post a selfie and re-introduce yourself to your followers.  After a time, people tend to forget who you are and why they followed you, so it’s a way to kinda “hey girl, hey” your IG peoples. There is typically a prompt…this week’s was to post a favorite quote.  Way fun.  Connected with some great bloggers and Instagrammers through the #fridayintroductions hash tag.  Good job Jessi Connelly of Naptime Diaries for creating an online community that feels positive and inclusive.


IMG 7202

Also through Naptime Diaries and the Tiny Twig, I found out the online Bible study #SheReadsTruth.  The Sermon on the Mount Series started July 1, and I jumped in, ‘cause I don’t like to miss out!  Oh, and they have cool study packs with journals an’ purty pictures and stuff!  I’m  enjoying the fact that I’m getting to do this with a community of other women in the blogosphere.

I had a lovely outing getting up early on Saturday morning to do my shopping at the farmer’s market in Davis, CA. (First time, don’t judge me, locals.)  It was really a social, family kind of event.

I was given many cheese samples, nectarines and cups of free coffee, which really tipped the scales towards making this a new thing.

IMG 7133

IMG 7143

Now, one may think this is in the “not as fun” category, but it actually turned out to be pretty awesome: after my Snapped moment, I took a first step towards sanity by calling a friend who trades baby-sitting with me and asked her if my kids could be dropped off for a few hours so I could catch up on my wayyyyy behind housework.

Guys, it was so magnanimous to clean the house in silence.  I used this awesome basket method, which let me to focus on the important part of my cleaning (floors, bath tub, toilet) in the short period of time I had kid-free.

IMG 7208

And I piled all the baskets on top of my table and took a picture of it, you know, because Instagram would be missing out otherwise.  Oh and because I’ll miss this one day.  (Do you believe that, or be honest, are you actually like, “Oh yeah, glad that’s done with, have fun.”)

Guys, thanks for letting me vent.  I love you crazy people that actually read this.

Happy Wednesday!

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  • Jen Antoniou

    I love that you post crazy stuff that is OH SO RELATABLE. And I am jealous. I have been wanting to hit a local farmer’s market and get my goodies from the family farmers around here. :-*

  • Andrea Parsons

    I love to read about your life in California. I live in Yorkshire in England – a little village that is quaint and pretty. Keep writing girl, you are sooooo readable :)

    • fromfaye

      Thank you Andrea!