From Faye

A couple of days ago David said, “I want to make some changes to your blog.”

(He’s talking about server speed and responsive design and mobile-friendly templates and stuff.)

At first I was in the middle of tying a quilt and trying to channel my inner Sewing Susie, so technology stuff sounded uber boring and I said something like,

“Mmm. Yeah. I don’t care about my blog right now.”



And by that, I mean “YAAAAYYYY! Let’s change EVERYTHING on the Internet…AND REARRANGE THE LIVING ROOM!”

Oh, I jest. It’s actually physically impossible to rearrange my living room.

I am just posting to tell you that I’m considering tweaking the name of this blog to better represent my writing.

First, things first.

I need to justify myself for a few paragraphs and then of course, get your opinion before I do any such thing.

(Which is mostly a lie because I got all charged up and changed my Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter accounts and bought the domain name already. Soooooo…I’m kind of asking, but I’m really just hoping everyone affirms me and stuff.)

So here it is:

I’m planning to change the name of my blog from “Frugal Faye” to simply:

“From Faye.”

OKAY. It’s time for honesty.

This whole “frugal” word…it’s boxing me in, man.

First and FOREMOST, I detest the word “frugal.” I think it’s one of the ugliest and most awkward words in the dictionary. (Next to “eager.” Someone please start an Eager Frugal blog. It would make my year.) Other awkward words come to mind, but I’ll save those for eighth grade health class.

Secondmost, I just don’t really like being known as “frugal” Faye, you know? Just Faye would be great.

Thirdmost, I want to express my artistic side. I’d like to learn how to tell an engaging story with my photos. I’d like to have more space to muse, opinionate and confess.

The reality is that two years ago, I totally planned to write specifically about budgeting, saving money and living debt-free. That has changed. Over the last few years I’ve adopted a holistic mindset about finances. If you were to ask me for my best advice on saving money or getting out of debt, it wouldn’t be about grocery budgets or light bills.

I’d tell you to go counter-culture and choose a simple, sustainable lifestyle far below your means. I’d tell you to major on the majors: Plan ahead, live in a smaller house, be proactive with your health, delay gratification. Think in terms of being a creator, not a consumer.

The beauty of a blog is that it’s interactive. It can evolve based on what my readers tell me to write. And it’s because of you guys that I have found a voice writing about subjects that inspire me, like homemaking and natural living. My best expressions revolve around these broader values of simplicity, authenticity and home. And that’s where I’d like to run with this thing.

Basically, what I’m asking is, can we rip the label off and see what happens?

Oh, I’ll still be here writing how-to’s about homemade cleaners and cloth diapers…and my hair (duh), but there is more I’d like to share with all of you wonderful friends out there in Internet Land, if you will have me.

What do you guys think? Can pull off this new name thing? And oooooo, who is in favor of a new blog design? (ME! ME!)


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  • Kelsy C

    Go for it, girl! I think you’ll be fabulous no matter what you call yourself but I like the idea of the change. It does seem to better reflect what you’re doing now.

  • Molly Evans

    its your blog, so, yeah, change it up. the new title isn’t that drastically different so I don’t think it would be too confusing to readers to change.

  • Jen Antoniou

    So I typed up this engaging, sweet, endearing, supportive response with all the rest of my evening energy and when I went to add my name it deleted it. Waaahhhh…

    So abbreviated. You rock. Everything you do does. I love you and believe in you. Anyone leaves, they are not your audience anyway. So there. You are engaging and compelling and people would be foolish not to follow along. So there! Yeah, if you are considering bailing, FOOLISH! hehe Love ya… see you soon.

  • Shannon Wasie

    Heck yeah! :) DO it. I totally get blog name-brand-focus ADD……not that you have ADD, haha, but just wanting change. I want change every 2.54 seconds. YOU seem to have a uniquely workable opportunity to GET that change without wrecking all your “branding,” so go for it! Love your stuff, BTW. :)

  • Sarah McLain

    Totally on board with you girl! Love the stuff you post (regardless of the name), but I can understand you feeling “boxed in” by a name! I noticed already on pinterest that you were “from faye” :-) Looking forward to what’s in store!

  • Sara Wutzke

    I love it, and I agree that you’ve moved beyond just being fiscally conservative. I love reading your blog, and think that the new name is a nice, personal touch.

  • Jamie

    yes I definitely think From Faye would be a good blog name and can see why Frugal Faye is starting to bother you. I will say that the word frugal does attract a certain type of reader, so it may be harder for you to retain new readers. For example the first post I read of yours was your I Love Housekeeping post and I loved it. What prompted me to come back and read other things of yours was the Frugal in FrugalFaye. I figured you probably had other things to write about that were encouraging and like-minded with me. I’m not sure if the blog was FromFaye if I would have known to come back and not just read that one post and move on. Also the LivingWellSpendingLess blog is about much more than money, but yes the title does speak to a certain mindset that says “I’m going to encourage you to be happy with what you have”. Any rate, I do like the name and I think it will be an easy switch for those of us who already read. You have enough good content that hopefully the issue I brought up, won’t be an issue!

  • TarAnDaniel

    Well…Tara and I thought about it and decided we really like the ring that “Frugal Faye” has to it. Call us sentimental. Anyway, here are a few ideas of ways that you can keep your name while still virtually recreating yourself. Try these on for size:

    “Frugle” Faye – This is the blog where you show all the creative and inspiring ways you make Bugles (you know, the cone-shaped, corn-wrinkled fingernail-alternative snacks from the 90s?) look desirable again. Like dipping them in homemade hummus that your two cute children hand-squashed from chickpeas you grew out of your herb garden. In sepia except for the homemade triangle pennants dancing in the wind behind them in full color. Or stringing them up on a christmas tree for that low-budget, retro-crunchy-greasy look you’re going for next holiday season. That kind of stuff.


    “Froogle” Faye – In this reinvention, you pretend to be an internet hacker yourself (secretly mining your husband’s brain for tech goodies) and show people how to win at the internet. The catch? You help people crack the world wide web without relegating themselves to lowest-common-denominator search engines like Google.

    (didn’t anticipate that I was going to be able to slip any middle school math into this post, did you?…boom)


    F”rue-gull” Faye – Of course, this blog morphs into a moving children’s mini-serious about the misadventures of an ornery sea bird and his life of regret. Well, maybe that’s a stretch.

    Anyway, I guess you have to do what you have to do to stay true to yourself!

    Love from South Dakota,


    • frugalfaye

      You have to get out of SoDak…you have way to much time on your hands! And too much Diet Coke!