Ten Tables of Thanksgiving: Mid-Century Mismatched Table

If this blog were being written on actual paper, it would have drips of vanilla ice cream and bits of mug brownie all over it.  It’s remorsefully delicious.  I’m a conneseiur of single-serving desserts, especially after 8 pm.  The promise of mug brownies sometimes gets me through the day, guys, and that’s the truth.

Those are just some facts about me that you might find important.

The following post has absolutely nothing to do with mug brownies, and I do apologize for that.  It’s just that I sat down to write this post and somehow ended up starting a new Single-Serving Dessert board on Pinterest.  One thing led to another and now there is something sticky on my spacebar, which I find very distracting.

Let me casually change the subject to less gluttonous matters.

Do you know what I did on this table?  I broke all the rules and let my inner artist run amock, that’s what.

Mid Century Mis Matched Thanksgiving Place Setting with white napkin

It was my last table. (Final number ten is coming tomorrow, but it’s from Becca’s house.)

It’s kind of like when people have their last kid, and that kid gets to do things like eat Captain Crunch for breakfast on weekdays and watch T.V. during daytime hours.  (This metaphor is obviously completely unrelated to my first-born child worldview.)

I threw all caution to the wind and challenged myself to see if I could make a cohesive tablescape with six completely different place settings.  I took the “make a table with whatever you have in your house”  theme and ran with it unashamedly.


Surprise!  I used an actual table cloth for this one.  Are you very shocked and scandalized?

I sprang for this yellow lattice table cloth from Target a year and a half ago for K.K.’ s first birthday party.  It was a great purchase.  It’s been to a lot of parties and baby showers and ladies’ luncheons.  The yellow and white lattice pattern is so versatile.  If there were a pageant for table cloths, the yellow and white lattice would win Miss Congeniality.  That’s my two cents, anyways.


The inspiration for this table is that wooden tray you see below.  I’ve had it since our old basement apartment-dwelling days.  It’s totally impractical, as most awesome things are.

Mid Century Mis Matched Thanksgiving Table with retro wooden tray and mums

I used it as the foundation of my centerpiece.  I layered a doily underneath for a little texture and topped it with a simple round vase containing three mums.

And pieces of chopped up hedge from my side yard.  We knew those were going to reappear.  It was just a matter of time.

Mid Century Mis Matched Thanksgiving Table with vintage glassware

To finish the look, I flanked it with two vintage gold candlesticks that contain white tapers.

This is probably the most basic centerpiece that I’ve ever made on this blog series.  That’s because I have a lot going on with my place settings.

Place Settings

If you’ve been keeping up with this series you’ll be giving me a big, fat eye roll in about .2 seconds when I tell you that I layered a white plate on top of a gold charger


I’m sorry, but I like it.

Plus, I then I can layer one of my flower salad dishes on top.  Which I am also very fond of.

Mid Century Mis Matched Thanksgiving Table with orange retro plate

Mid Century Mis Matched Thanksgiving Table Place Setting with green retro salad plate

The green one is my favorite.

Mid Century Mis Matched Thanksgiving Place Setting with white napkins

And because I didn’t want to cover up that pretty flower, I tucked the napkin between the dinner plate and the salad plate, letting the end show.

For the head and foot of my table, I switched things up by doing my floral dinner plates with square white salad plates on top.

Tricky, huh?

Mid Century Mis Matched Thanksgiving Table with retro plates and modern white

I’m like a magician sometimes.  It’s okay.

Next, I gave each place setting a different glass.

Mid Century Mis Matched Thanksgiving Table with vintage gold goblets

Mis Matched Mid Century Thanksgiving Table with vintage green goblet

This is especially fun if you have “loners” in your vintage glassware collection that you want to showcase.  Like me.

Mid Century Mis Matched Thanksgiving table with vintage gold candlesticks

Mid Century Mis Matched Thanksgiving Table with retro plate

Other than the colors, the only real “fall” element are the three mums in the clear vase.

Mid Century Mis Matched Thanksgiving Table with retro plates and vintage goblets

When my inner artist was done doing it’s thing, I stepped back and admired it.

Then, I deemed it my Mid-Century Mismatched Table.

Mid Century Mis Matched Thanksgiving Table with yellow lattice table cloth

Mid Century Mis Matched Thanksgiving Table with retro wooden tray as a centerpiece
My favorite thing about this table is how all the beautiful greens and yellows tie the mis-matched place settings together.

I’m a little sad to let my last baby go.  Table Nine, you’re free now.  Go, roam the Internets.  Grab hold of your destiny…serve people pie…change lives.
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  • http://tablepadfactory.com/ Gerard Maphail

    Thanks Rachael for the pics you bring here. Love the mismatched concept. Table top accessories are well managed and looking so gorgeous. The most beautiful thing in it, is the table cloth.

  • http://brokeintheoc.blogspot.com/ broke in the OC

    Found this post randomly by searching the internet for “thanksgiving mid-century modern” and I just LOVE it! I mean I love the nostalgic but fresh design plus your humor. Hey, another good reason to use glass “loners” is that there is no mixing up of goblets amongst attendees! …but maybe that just happens in my family? Dunno but kudos. Will be back soon.