Ten Tables of Thanksgiving: Inspiration

Do you guys ever have that experience where you start decorating Thanksgiving tables and you can’t stop?

(Yeah, me either.  No big deal.)

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, there’s no hiding I’ve been a Thanksgiving decoratin’ fool.

But, WHY?

Well first, I’m hosting my brother and my new sister-in-law for Thanksgiving this year and I’m just a tad psyched out of my mind to be hosting a major federal holiday at my house for the first time.  Plus two wonderful people and newly-est wed members of the family.  (You can tell I’m totally casual about this).

(After I wrote this, another one of my brothers called to tell me he’s flying in too! I’ll have SO many people to play Scrabble with me this year.  Because…pie and Scrabble, mkay?)

Speaking of two people…

Okay.  Close your eyes of for a moment.

Imagine the continent of North America.  Next, imagine Google maps dropped one pin in Atlanta, Georgia, and the other one in Northern California.  Now imagine two individuals in completely unplanned matching outfits who can, in about three minutes, get together across three time zones (via FaceTime and possibly while driving) to blow a perfectly reasonable idea like decorating for Thanksgiving into a twelve-post blog series.  (Possibly while simultaneously reverting to junior high versions of themselves.)

Now open your eyes.

You have just imagined me (Rachael, aka Faye) and my sister, Becca.

IMG 2435 IMG 2452



When I called my sister the other day (you know, to tell her about my to do list and what I had for lunch and how I plan not to shave my legs till April), the inevitable happened and the conversation turned to what interesting things we could steal from around our houses to decorate our Thanksgiving tables with.  Of course, we paused for a minute to bemoan the fact that we live on opposite coasts and said how we wished we could teleport ourselves to the other person’s house in ten seconds so we could borrow each other’s dishes and enclose our toddlers together behind baby gates while we decorate.

Once we were over that, we started Facetiming and cooking up ideas of how to create spectacular Thanksgiving tables with stuff we already had in our house.

One of my missions at Frugal Faye is to inspire you with the true story that you don’t need a big decorating budget or a lot of stuff to be making Martha Stewart so jelly.  This mission is the inspiration behind my latest project, Ten Tables of Thanksgiving.  (The mission is decorating on a budget…not making Martha so jelly.  But we might.  I’m not saying I endorse it, I’m just pointing out.)

If there’s ever a time to deck out your dining room table, it’s Thanksgiving, guys.  Because…pie.  Duh.  (Oh, and family.)

My sister and I have collaborated to bring you ten different Thanksgiving table settings composed of items we already have in our homes.  Aside from some fall essentials (and a few borrowed items) every table was inspired and constructed from objects in our closets and cupboards.

And maybe the hedges in our side yard.  But only maybe.

Let me tell you guys.  We were so surprised at all the different Thanksgiving-themed place settings and centerpieces we could make with the stuff in our cabinets.

We raided our kitchen cupboards, yards, linen closets (and in some cases our mother-in-law’s linen closets) to dig up some festive, unexpected treasures.  Heirloom quilts, milk glass, lanterns, chalk boards, mismatched dishes, retro sheets and eclectic centerpieces are just a few of our favorite things.  (As well as bright copper kettles…and warm woolen mittens). Kidding about the mittens, but we are stoked about the copper pieces we borrowed from Becca’s bestie.

The fun part is, there’s something for everyone.  Becca and I have different taste in decor, so we covered a range styles (you’ll totally pick that up in our tables). Our tables showcase everything from traditional to vintage-modern.

We present to you, Ten Tables of Thanksgiving:  do-able, unexpected Thanksgiving table inspiration.

Ten Tables of Thanksgiving Inspiration

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be posting one of our ten Thanksgiving tables every day.  (Hence, the whole “ten tables” thing.)

This series is all about being thankful for what we have, while using sticks and leaves from our back yard to fill in for what we don’t have.  (Oh yeah, we did).

Maybe you’re thinking, “Well that’s nice for you dear, but I can’t do that.”

Except, yeah!  You can.  We break down the how-to and the details of each look (with entertaining commentary, of course).  By the end of the series, you’ll be wanting to hop on the table bandwagon.  (Peer pressure).

In fact, tomorrow we are kicking off with a big, juicy list of usable elements you can gather from around your house to create an eye-catching and bountiful Thanksgiving table.

And hey…if we share anything that strikes your fancy, spread the word! Tweet it with the tag #tentablesofthanks.  COPY US.  (No, seriously, it would make our year.)  Pin them to your Thanksgiving Pinterest boards!  Even better, shoot us some Instagrams of your table inspiration, and tag your masterpiece with #tentablesofthanks.  (You can follow us on Twitter and Instagram…and keep up with us by “liking” the Frugal Faye Facebook page!)

I make no guarantees that your house will not be completely ripped apart before this is over, but I do guarantee Martha Stewart will be SO jelly.

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