From Zero to 20,000: My Two Year Blog Anniversary

It was two years ago this day that I sat on my couch with my laptop and a pounding headache trying to figure out what buttons to push on the admin console of my new WordPress blog.   HOW HARD IS IT TO MAKE A POST ON THIS DUMB THING? (Me.)

I was scared, guys.  Real scared.  My first post is basically a publicized pep talk to myself.  (You can read that here).

DSC 0004

My perfectionism almost stopped me.  I had a crappy digital camera, a hideous free WordPress template, a domain name that I wasn’t real sure about, and two post ideas.  I wasn’t all that excited about winning the award for most unattractive blog design on the Internet.

I was moaning about having a bad camera, when David stopped me and said, “Faye, just do this one thing.  Write something and post it once a week.  Pick a day. Post.”

So that became my blogging mantra.  Write something and post it once a week.  (I picked Friday, because I love Fridays and it was also the day that my favorite blogger, Thrifty Decor Chick always posted.)

My first post got thirty views.  Thirty people had read my blog post!  Google Analytics told me that they were all my Facebook friends, mostly family from Atlanta.  On non-posting days, I had zero viewers.

But hey, I was blogging, yo.

David asked me to set a goal for myself.  First, I said I wanted enough money for new kitchen chairs.

Then, I was like wait a sec, that’s lame.  No.  Edit that.  My dream is to make enough income as a writer for us to pay off our mortgage in the next three to five years.

Doesn’t that sound ridiculous?  Oh, it is.  Totally.

Except as it turns out… it’s not.

I posted.  Usually weekly, sometimes more (and sometimes not for weeks at a time).  I asked for a DSLR for my next five birthdays and learned how to use the dials on that thing.  I read books about how to use WordPress (and yes, Twitter) , and how to optimize my posts for search engines.  I did what those books told me to do.

Then I quit shampooing my hair, forced us to use salty homemade toothpaste for a couple of months, sprayed a lot of vinegar  on things and had a few good old-fashioned fails.

I tried to figure out what kinds of posts would be worthy of your time.

In the process of getting to know you, schooling myself in the art of blogging, and throwing posts out to the Universe, something stuck.  It was a review about our Ikea bedroom furniture.

One day David called to me from his office “Hey, Faye, have you checked your Google Analytics lately?”

As it turns out, people on the INTERNETS were reading my post about Ikea bedroom furniture! Not only that, but my article was coming up #1 and #2 in Google searches for terms like “Ikea Hemnes bedroom suit.”

And then to my shock, it happened more times with other posts, until one day I had a blog.

So, it’s possible, guys.  The numbers are there.  Two years ago, I had zero readers.  This month, 20,000 people visited my blog.

The thing is, I am still not to my goal yet.   I’m staring at the plan David and I composed over our lunch date today.  (And the empty Christmas mug of Trader Joe’s drinking chocolate I just downed).  I’m overwhelmed, actually, as I examine the steep hill of BLOG before me.

DSC 0001  1

What if I don’t make it up that hill?  I may never be known.  I may be just one of billions.  I may just be another mommy in the blogosphere.

But…I may also pay off our mortgage and leave a legacy for my grandkids.

The thing is, I won’t know unless I keep moving.

“Don’t give up and don’t give in.  If you don’t quit, you win.”  -Misty Edwards

(That’s the tape that plays in my head most days.)

Thanks for taking time to read my stuff.  Thanks for commenting.  Thanks for “liking” my page and sharing my articles.  Thanks for being part of my story.

Here’s to another two years!

(Those of you reading this:  Were you one of my first readers?  Does anyone remember the old Frugal Faye design?  Remember those first few posts?)

DSC 0003

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  • Julz

    Congratulations on two years! I came to your blog through my daughter. She kept talking about your recipes for homemade and earth friendly cleaning supplies. I’ve always been interested in this, but didn’t want to put time the effort in to seeing which ones worked and which ones didn’t. You were someone who did the research and figured that out for us. Thank you! I’m looking forward to your future posts!

  • maddierichardson

    Yay! So inpsiring. Thanks for sharing girl. So much hard work goes into these things. It is soooo good to put it in perspective and recognize just how far you have come!!! Amazing.

  • Stephanie

    How cool! Congrats on 2 years! I first found you by googling Ikea Hemnes furniture too and I’ve been a fan ever since! You have really nice blog. You have fun with it and it shows. Good luck on your goal- you can do it!

    • Rachael Alsbury

      Thanks Stephanie! I really enjoy following you on Instagram!

  • Deezy

    Congratulations on your day. I am celebrating my one year today and just reading inspirational stories. Great job

  • Sara Wutzke

    I shared your housekeeping blog post on my facebook feed yesterday (before I spent hours reading your posts ;)) and have specifically referred several gifrlfriends to your blog. Good luck on your goals-you’re relatable and relevant, which means you’ll go far!

  • Cassandra Blomberg

    Hiya! Mom of two tiny tornadoes here, from Sweden, and while the family is floored with yet ANOTHER virus this winter, I went searching for homemade cleaning solutions, instead of all the chemicals, and that’s when I ran across your blog. Great posts, love all the advice. Never did read the post about IKEA, but congrats on two years! And a thousand thanks for all the cleaning alternatives.