Whole Home Detox: Magic Tub and Shower Cleaner

Whole Home Detox: Magic Tub and Shower Cleaner

Today I’m going to share with you one of my favorite DIY cleaners from my Whole Home Detox project:  Magic Tub and Shower Cleaner!  I know that this recipe is already all over The Inter Nets, but I just can’t sleep another night without telling you about it.

It is so easy, it’s bewildering.

Here is what you do.  Grab some vinegar.  Grab a bottle of dish soap.  Pour equal parts of each into a glass bowl and microwave for a minute (I guess this is to incorporate the ingredients).  Now pour into a spray bottle.

DSC 0425 DSC 0436

You have just made Magic Tub and Shower Cleaner.  Now, go into your bathroom and spray it all over your tub.  Wipe it off with a cloth and see the magic for yourself.  Seriously, is this not the best shower cleaner you have ever used in your life?  I can’t even believe how many years and dollars I spent gouging my eyes out with the toxic fumes of five different shower cleaners and still not being able to get the tub and shower clean!

Magic tub and shower cleaner

When I first tried this, I tackled a month’s worth of bath tub ring.  Mind you, we have one bathroom and it gets a lot of traffic.  I had my scrub brush handy because I really didn’t trust this stuff.  It turns out I did not need the brush.  I sprayed the cleaner on, let it set for a minute, and wiped that tub ring right off with a dry cloth. It literally erased the scum off.  My faucet gleamed. It was a beautiful thing.  (It has the same effect on a scummy sink and faucet too.)

DSC 0445 DSC 0446 DSC 0447

I actually keep my tub and shower cleaner in a basket under my sink with my all-purpose/glass cleaner and some cleaning rags.  Every morning after I get ready, I just do a quick “swish and swipe.” (It’s a Flylady thing.  I do all her routines. I added wiping out the tub each day, since it’s so easy now.) The swish and swipe is basically a two-minute thing that keeps me from ever having to “clean” my bathroom.  It kinda just cleans itself.

DSC 0438

You know what the greatest thing about my Magic Tub and Shower cleaner is?  It’s the same exact ingredients as my all-purpose and glass cleaner, just in concentrated form!  It’s the dish soap, I swear. I use it for all of my cleaning nowadays.  (Go here to read about the safest dish soaps on the market and which one I recommend).

What more is there to say?  Go clean a bath tub!