Whole Home Detox: All-Purpose and Glass Cleaner

Whole Home Detox: All-Purpose and Glass Cleaner

For a few months now I’ve been poring over homemade cleaner recipes trying to find the perfect replacements for my commercial ones. First, I cannot live without a multi-surface, all-purpose cleaner! I have a lot of Ikea faux-wood furniture, so I even dust my house with a cloth dampened a little bit of all-purpose cleaner.

I first used this homemade miracle recipe as it was intended:  a glass cleaner.  I have french doors in my living room and a 17-month-old who volunteered to lick and “blow raspberries” on the bottom eight panes for me last week. I decided to break in my new cleaner on those doors. I used it and it did the trick.  I could not tell the difference between my homemade version and my old glass cleaner.

After this, I then discovered it is also the best multi-surface cleaner on the planet.  Yesterday I was wiping down my kitchen appliances using a new homemade recipe, but it was leaving a white film over everything it touched.  Boo!  So I kept grabbing my homemade glass cleaner to remove the film, when I realized, “Wait.  This junk is miraculous.  Why am I not just using THIS?.”

All Purpose and glass

I  ended up using it over my entire house, including the high chair, my black refrigerator, my stainless steel trash can, base boards, bedroom furniture, and bathroom.  I was especially pleased with how it cleaned my black refrigerator and stainless finishes.  The finish of my fridge is very shiny and high-maintenance.  (I wanted a photo, but his area of my kitchen is too small to get a decent angle!)

DSC 0285

DSC 0287

If you have stainless steel I don’t have to tell you how high-maintenance that stuff is!  It used to take me two or three tries with a couple different cleaners to get a non-streaky result.  Until now, I have never succeeded in getting that perfect, finger-print free gleam on those surfaces.

Here are the magic ingredients:

1.) Dish soap.  If this stuff wrong, then I don’t want to be right.   All of my new favorite homemade cleaners contain it.   It cuts grease and makes everything shiny. What can’t a sink of hot, soapy water fix?  I can’t think of much.

DSC 0280

(Make sure your dishwasher is toxin-free!  For the best eco-friendly dish soaps, check out this post!)

2.) Vinegar.  When you switch over your cleaners, you’ll use this for everything. I mean, almost everything.  It’s amazing.  Vinegar is especially great for cleaning off limescale, since it’s acidic and therefore reacts with the limescale.  It also kills mold, bacteria, and germs.

DSC 0282

Glass Cleaner/All Purpose Cleaner

  • 1 cup Water
  • 1/4 cup White Vinegar
  • 2 to 3 drops Dish Soap
  • Combine water, white vinegar, and dawn dish soap in an empty spray bottle

-The Frugal Girls


My cost breakdown?  I don’t know.  Twenty-five cents?

I can clean 85% of all surfaces in my house with this, including mirrors.  Not only did I find my new go-to cleaner, but I found out that by replacing vinegar with rubbing alcohol, I can magically change it into a solution that is safe for granite.   AND, did you know that by omitting the water from this recipe, you can make a magical shower cleaner? Vinegar and dish soap, people.

Now go clean!  (Here is some motivation for you.)