My Whole Home Detox

Sometimes I wish I weren’t such a documentary addict.  Netflix instant streaming has been well worth the $7.99 a month (in case you are wondering if you should cancel your Directv…YES).

So far we’ve watched a ton of docs about the hot social topics of the day: clean eating, sustainable living, natural birth, vaccines, going vegan, public education, and most recently a film about detoxing your whole house. It’s called “Chemerical.” It is about learning to live without toxins in our homes.  I found the whole concept surprisingly simple and refreshing.

I’ve known for the past nine months since making a conscious decision to switch our family an organic diet that I really wanted to take it a step further and detox my house from harmful chemicals.  (This was after reading “The Great Physician’s RX for Health and Wellness” by Dr. Jordin Rubin.).

My approach so far has been “one thing at a time.”  I’ve had a couple of successful switchovers with my “No ‘Poo” adventure and simple homemade laundry detergent.

The more educated I became about the toxic and carcinogenic chemicals present in our every day household and personal care items, the more I wanted to switch everything.  I thought those “crunchy”  brands like Tom’s of Maine were on the automatic safe list.  Now I have learned not to trust a brand.  You have to read labels.  Literally, I went through my house and aside from a couple of items, most of it, even the “healthy” stuff is legitimately questionable.

House Detox Bad Chemicals

The good news is that once you get past the transition of the whole thing, living chemical-free is a lot cheaper.

Whole Home Detox Good Stuff

It can be really overwhelming trying to figure out where to start.  What products are safe, and how do you know?  What are the best recipes for making your own cleaners and toiletries?  Where do you buy things like carrier oils and essential oils?  Does anyone make a decent, non-toxic mascara that’s not $50 a tube? How much is this going to cost me up front?

Those are the questions I am about tho answer in upcoming posts! I’m stoked to show you my big project.  I have posts about how I’m detoxing my entire house over the next several months.  I’ll have homemade recipes, shopping lists, brands, where to buy, cost break-downs, and of course my own personal commentary on the subject.

I am making all of my own:

And I’ll tell you about where I got my inexpensive, non-toxic

The best part is, you can do this at your house too without spending a truckload of money on expensive brands.  (And you’ll love it, too.)

If you just can’t wait for these posts, here are some great resources on a whole home detox for you to check out in the mean time:

Chemerical; documentary on available Netflix Instant Streaming

“The Great Physician’s RX for Health and Wellness” by Dr. Jordin Rubin (available on Amazon or the library)

“Organized Simplicity: An Intentional Approach to Clutter-Free Living” (available on Amazon) by Tsh Oxenreider of Simple Mom Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database

Happy Detoxing!

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  • Abi R.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this post…I call myself “a little crunchy” because the heart is there…I am switching things one by one…I am heavy into couponing and get the really great detergents for $1/jug so I am having a hard time with some of them. The cost savings isn’t there for me on a lot of stuff but I know the chemical-free aspect is much more important! I have been cleaning my shower head, dishwasher, and washing machine all with vinegar and baking soda! LOVE that stuff! Also made my own deodorant & sunscreen and today I even made protein balls for Jake’s marathon training instead of those nasty chemical-filled PowerBar protein snacks. Consider this my HUGE cheering section for you!! I love your blog and am amazed at how many similar interests we have. I read your blog and say to myself, “YES! BRILLIANT! WONDERFUL IDEA!” Keep it up…and thanks for the inspiration to keep it up here too (I get called a hippie a good bit ha).

    • Rachael

      Thanks for being my cheerleader Abi! I remember when we met at my sister’s house and we were both connecting over crunchiness! I would love your recipe for protein balls, I wanted to make some but I didn’t have a great recipe!

      • Abi R.

        Here is the recipe I used:

        I didn’t have coconut flakes on hand so I omitted that and did a dash of mini chocolate chips instead of regular ones. I may do dried cranberries next time!

        We watched Chemerical last night…I can’t wait for Method to do their 50% off sale again!! We use their detergent for the babies’ clothes and their hand soap, all purpose sprays, and dish soap….I guess I need to use their dishwasher detergent too!! It’s very hard to let go but I loved at the end the mixing of their own products! I love that as opposed to even buying organic products. I have been on a kick making my own cleaning solutions and am shocked how well they work. I am almost out of shampoo so I will be choosing an alternative to commercial shampoo soon. Some of these will be hard for me since I get them free…it won’t be frugal for me but that’s okay!! I felt sooo guilty watching it because we clean the tub with Scrubbing Bubbles before Adelyn’s bath and the smell bothers me every time knowing my baby is breathing it. NO MORE! I am throwing away the brand new bottle we just opened! Keep it up!

        • Rachael

          Abi you rock! So funny because my friend brought me some energy bites today just like the recipe you sent and they are SO yummy! I can’t wait to make.

  • jennverdery

    I HEART THIS! toothpaste has hydrated silica in it … for the Love of Pete …. ( who is pete ??) …

    • Rachael

      SLS and all that junk! I was so mad when I looked at the back of my Tom’s toothpaste and saw all the bad stuff!

  • rebekah

    I’m SO EXCITED for the upcoming posts! I’m learning how to do this to my own house…and need all the help I can get!

    • Rachael

      It is kinda overwhelming, but once I tackled it, I couldn’t believe how much stuff I could replace with good old baking soda, vinegar and coconut oil!

  • [email protected]

    ohhh… I am making your laundry detergent tomm! I will let you know how it goes!

  • EcoChicMama

    I think you are officially crunchier than the Eco Chic mama, wowzers.
    I would LOVE to make my own… and ….. that is when IM home.
    Maybe one could pay some one for some extra … and ….

    So proud of you, keep it comin sister xoxox

    • Rachael

      NEVER would I be crunchier than the Eco Chic Mama!

  • Jeannie

    I’ve got loads of porcelain tile floors with granite counter tops. I’ll try your granite recipe right away! Please work up an idea for ceramic tile floors. I don’t like any of the commercial products. I use a microfiber mop – do you?

    • fromfaye

      Easiest thing ever…a few drops of dish soap in a bucket of hot water! Good old mop. Add a couple drops of tea tree oil for disinfecting if you like. That’s what I used to use! I just moved and we have wood so I’m still finding out the best thing for that. Probably microfiber?