No Sew Fabric Pennant Banner

I do not sew.  Well,  I have good intentions to sew.  I have a sewing machine.  Out in the garage.

In reality, using a sewing machine is too much like math.  It involves small threads, needles, cranky-things, following patterns, interface, zippers, and mechanical parts.  I don’t do mechanical and I don’t do patterns.  And definitely not cranky-things.  (It’s all a lot like cardinal directions, parallel parking, and maps in my world)  I’d really rather paruse Etsy for inspiration, and stroll through JoAnn, smelling cinnamon candles and picking fabrics.  With my no sew DIY pennant banner that is exactly what I do. How about a fabric banner tutorial?

My No Sew Pennant Banner fits all my DIY criteria: Little to no skill required (CHECK).  Cheap (CHECK).  Therapeutic (CHECK.)  Greater than or equal to macaroni art (CHECK).  Can be done while watching TV (CHECK).

This banner was made for a sweet friend who just had a new baby girl, Lilliana Noel (Born today, actually! Congratulations!)  Her nursery is totally mod.  I loved her color palette:  robin’s egg blue, scarlet, and gray.  I did this pennant banner in two nap times.

No Sew Pennant Banner Faye’s No Sew Pennant Banner

Here is what you will need:

  • Assorted Fabrics
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Stitch Witchery
  • Iron
  • Cardboard (to make a template)
  • Jute Twine
  • Iron and Ironing Board
  • Glue Gun and glue sticksIronNo Sew Pennant Banner Supplies

Pick your fabrics: I like to do a fun combo of different fabrics on all my banners.  I usually pick one or two large prints and then using that color palette, I fill in with solids, textured, and smaller prints (normally no less than five).  Your inner Martha Stewart will know what to do. I find my fabrics at the thrift store, JoAnn and Ikea.  JoAnn had tons of cute fabrics in stock right now.  It used to be I had to go to the designer section to find anything I liked, but now they have tons of sale and regular-priced fabrics that are totally pennant-banner worthy.



No Sew Pennant Banner Fabrics

My sister picked these fabrics from Joann and Ikea.  One of the prints is actually a hem from some Ikea curtains!  You only need about 1/4-1/3 of a yard of fabric, which you can get for about $2 or $3. Folded lengthwise, it is the perfect size.

Make Your Template: I usually go out to the recycling bin and grab a cardboard box for this.  Sorry, non-math people, but you’ll need a ruler.   Don’t eyeball this.  Trust me.  Normally, I make my triangle about whatever size lets me get the most triangles out of the fabrics that I have.  When I made this particular banner, I had saved a template from my last project, and it was the perfect size for the pieces of fabric my sister gave me.

No Sew Pennant Banner Triangle Template

I was going to put in a link to an article how to make a perfect isosceles triangle, but everything I read was so ridiculously math-y. Seriously, I know how much we all loved eighth grade geometry, but in case words like “perpendicular bisector” make you want to doodle hearts on a notebook, here is how I made mine:

  • Using the straight edge of a piece of cardboard, decide how long you want your triangle base to be.  Mine is five inches, and that is about perfect.  Mark that out.
  • Now find the middle point of that line (2.5 inches) and make a little mark (this is the perpendicular bisector, in case you needed to know).
  • Now decide how tall you want your triangle.  Mine is six inches.  Draw a six inch line up from your middle point.
  • Now play connect the dots by drawing two lines from either end of your triangle base up to your middle point.  Bam.  Take that, geometry teachers of the world!

Trace and Cut Your Fabric Triangles

  • I fold my fabric whichever way will give me the most triangles, in this case it was lengthwise.  Fold it inside out, so you won’t be able to see the pen lines later. Iron a nice crease down your fold.  Using your template, start tracing triangles, placing them as close together as possible.
  • I was able to get three triangles out of each swatch of fabric.  (I got six out of my gray fabric.)  When I do these, I’m usually working with small scraps, so I trace and cut as many as I can get.  That way, I have a lot to work with when I’m ready to put it all together.
  • Now cut out your triangles.
  • When you are finished, you will have a bunch of double-sided triangles.
  • Turn your triangles right side out.  I usually give mine a quick pressing when I do this.No Sew Pennant Banner 1No Sew Pennant Banner 2No Sew Pennant Banner 3No Sew Pennant Banner 4No Sew Pennant Banner 5

Arrange Triangles



Now your inner artist can come out.  You will have a big pile of double-sided fabric triangles.  Go wild.

  • Arrange them in whatever order you would like.  You can do them in random order, or in a pattern.  I lay mine out on the ironing board.
  • Once you have your perfect combo, stack your triangles in order so you can do the next part.No Sew Pennant Banner 6No Sew Pennant Banner 7

Glue Fabrics Onto Twine

  • Now you need to get out your jute twine and lay out a long piece on your ironing board. (Or craft space.  Whatev. Only people in Pinterest world have craft spaces.  Who are these people?).
  • Lay as many triangles as you can onto your ironing board.
  • Open the triangles so the inside is showing.
  • Along the crease of your fold, lay a long piece of twine.  I never cut the twine until I have finished gluing on my triangles.  That way I never run into twine shortage issues.
  • Lay a line of glue down the crease of your triangle and press the twine into it.  Do this for every triangle, continuing until you have included as many fabric triangles as you want.
  • When you have finished, cut the twine, leaving yourself a few inches on either end.No Sew Pennant Banner JuteNo Sew Pennant Banner 8No Sew Pennant Banner 10No Sew Pennant Banner 11No Sew Pennant Banner 12

Adhere Fabric Together



This is where my lazy craftmaship comes into play.  If my mother-in-law is reading this, she is probably twitching.  She is one of those people who has perfect craftsmanship.  The kind that embroider large, beautiful, heirloom quilts. She has a craft space, in real life! In fact, she is probably going to cry right now when I tell you how I do this. I know, because she saw me doing this one time and said she would be really disturbed if I did not at least adhere it properly with some Wonder Under.  Well, I used Stitch Witchery, and I am deeply apologetic that I have done so, but it’s so cheap and easy!

Stitch Witchery is really an iron-on adhesive web/tape meant for use on fabrics.  There are tons of brands.  It comes a little roll like tape and costs a couple of bucks.  You can get it anywhere.  I have gotten mine at Wal-Mart and JoAnn.  If you have ever purchased Ikea curtains, they include a little roll so that you can hem your curtains to length without sewing.  My Ikea curtains are hemmed with it.

  • Grab your Stitch Witchery tape and hold it up next to one of your triangles.
  • Without much precision, cut (or rip) off a piece that looks about the same length as one of the sides of  your triangle.  I rip.  I’m lazy.  Do the same for the other side.
  • Now lay the pieces of Stitch Witchery along the edges of your triangle.  It’s hard to see here, but you can kind of tell I lined up the Stitch Witchery with the very edges of my triangle.  Don’t  worry about the middle part; you only have to get the edges.
  • Fold the triangle down, and press with your iron.  This will adhere both sides together, giving you a nice double-sided banner.No Sew Pennant Banner Iron On Adhesive TapeNo Sew Pennant Banner Iron On Adhesive Tape 2No Sew Pennant Banner Iron On Adhesive Tape 3No Sew Pennant Banner 13

After you have done this for all of your triangles, you are done!  Snip the end of your jute, leaving a few inches.  Now you have a fabric pennant banner perfect for a first birthday party or nursery.  And you did it without sewing.  During nap times.  While watching Hoarders.  Congratulations!



No Sew Pennant Banner on Fence 1 No Sew Pennant Banner Fabric 1 No Sew Pennant Banner Fabric 2 No Sew Pennant Banner Fabric 3 No Sew Pennant Banner on Fence 2

Has anyone else ever made a pennant banner?  Did you make it for a birthday or nursery?  Was it sewn or no-sew?  Would you ever use this tutorial to make a pennant banner?





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  • EcoChicMama

    The only banner I would make is one like this!!!
    Love it, love the fabric choices
    Your blog rocks!

    • Rachael

      I wish I had these fabrics in MY nursery! My sister picked them!

  • Jen Antoniou

    Okay, so my post didn’t show up. Take 2!

    Don’t know why she would tout one web fusible product over another. I was curious and googled… if anyone is interested in seeing the difference, check the link below. :)

    • Rachael

      Your mom you mean? I think because she has better craftmaship than me LOL! Wonder Under is an applique thing. I think it would have adhered the whole piece of fabric, and not just the edges.

  • Jessica Hinson

    Thats so cute! I’d totally make this, your tutorial makes it look so easy. I’m sure my version won’t be so pretty haha

  • Connie Seibel

    Really cute! And in case you were wondering, you get your love of writing gift from your Dad and your cratiness from your Grandmas… Your love of mechanical things and math definitely come from me! Help us, Lord!

    • Rachael

      You’re doing better than me mom, because you SEW and use PATTERNS LOL!

  • Faye

    Heck yes, I’m doing my next one this way!! Love the reds & teals! :)

  • Rebekah

    So we meet again Miss Faye! Had no idea you had a blog!! I guess I dont know much of anything since I got rid of my FB 😉 Good to see your face, even if it was only a picture on your blog!!!

    • Rachael

      Bekah! I miss ya girl!

  • Janet Katz

    You. Totally. Rock! I love this and it was just what I needed. I adore crafting and indeed even have a craft space. However I am working on so many things right now that I needed to make a fabric banner quick and easy. Voila! Your tutorial has solved all my problems. Thanks you!!

    • Rachael

      I am so glad! Thanks for commenting!

  • Jessica Johnson

    Love this! I’m going to attempt this with some Christmas fabrics for a friend’s photography business. I’m also thinking about embroidering “Merry Christmas” on one side to give it a little extra! Thank you for this tutorial!!!

  • Karn Adams

    You’ve given some great instructions and made me laugh the whole way through…great job!!!
    Kaz from oz…..

  • Lysa

    I totally want to make one for my little guy’s 1st birthday… and I am ALL about the no-sew technique! :)

    Did you only use the triangles that the edges were on the fold?

    • frugalfaye

      Lysa, yes, I only used the triangles with folded edges, only because it made it easy to string the twine through, but I bet you could rig up another way!

  • Tiffany

    I was googling how to make one and found your blog. Your instructions and pictures are great. This gives me hope that I can actually do this myself;).

    • frugalfaye

      Tiffany, thank you for commenting! I hope it works for you!

  • Lori

    You are my “Martha Stewart” for the less talented. Thank you so much for your wonderful and humorous instructions. I laughed the entire time. I can’t wait to make my banner for the sister’s 50th!

    • frugalfaye

      Ha ha, Lori, thanks! :)

  • Lauren

    I can sew, I do enjoy it. However, this is a great way of getting the job done in a less time consuming way. Thanks for taking the time to share this with us. I’m looking forward to making mine. I’m making 2 very long banners for the width of my nursery and this way gives me hope I can get it done faster. That way I don’t end up throwing my sewing machine out the door;) LOL!!!!

    • frugalfaye

      It’s kind of a tedious process but so worth it!! Good luck!

  • Erin Prais-Hintz

    Thank you so much for posting this! Your witty and whimsical ways have me hooked. I am decidedly un-math-y and a totally lazy crafter. Duct tape and glue guns are my friends! I was looking for something fun to decorate a baby shower for my niece for the craft area where we are going to make decorated onesies and this will be perfect. I will make it in the colors of the baby room in case she wants to turn it over and use the other side (I plan to iron on letters that spell out ‘Project Onesie’ for the baby fashion show we are putting on!). I appreciate all your clear and fun instructions and great pictures! Enjoy the day! Erin

    • frugalfaye

      Thanks Erin!

  • Kristina

    So what was the glue gun for?

    • frugalfaye

      It is for adhering the twine to the inside crease of the fabric triangles!

  • Shylene

    Glad I found this tutorial! Do the edges fray at all? Other places mention using pinking shears to avoid this?

    • frugalfaye

      No, there was no fraying! I imagine it would not fray unless it were washed or handled :)

  • Mandy

    I will be making this next week for my daughter’s first birthday! Thanks!

  • Jennifer

    Just made this, and it’s perfect. Thank you so much.

  • Stephanie Siller Smith

    I made the banner for my baby boy’s nursery. I cut out letters for his name and used rope instead of twine. I really love how it turned out. I am not at all crafty, but this was so easy. Thanks!

  • Jamia

    When you alternate your template, you will every other triangle not have the seam. What did you do when gluing the twine over the two separated triangles? I am thinking I will have to overlap those two pieces from the inside before gluing. I still want to know what you did!

    • frugalfaye

      Hey Jamia! Sorry it has taken me s long to respond! I only used the triangles with the seam. The separated triangles without the seams just became scraps for my bin o’ fabrics.

  • ShellyB

    “You only need about 1/4-1/3 of a yard of fabric” is that per color or pattern? I’m so new to this crafty stuff and want to make this for my baby shower :)

    • frugalfaye

      Sorry it took me so long to respond to this! Yes, it’s 1/4 yard of fabric per pattern. So if I wanted to use five different patterns, I would buy 1/4 yard of each one. Of course it really depends on how big you want your banner, but this amount worked for me and I believe it’s about that range is the smallest size they will cut for me at the fabric store.

  • Craft Challanged

    Very cute! Would this be machine washable? If not could you recommend materials to substitute that would stand up to machine washing? Thanks!

    • frugalfaye

      Ohh good question! I never needed to machine wash mine because they are always hung up high..but with kids sometimes even that doesn’t matter! I would be concerned about the fusible web not holding up. What I would do is make a small section and then try washing it on delicate and hanging to dry.

  • Becky

    I love this! Super helpful and hilarious! I was on a mission to make a banner for my sons birthday party even though I have zero sewing skills. I googled “how to make a banner without sewing”and this came right up. I read this earlier today and within an hour or so had my first banner complete!! Thank you so much!!

  • Lindsey Fultz

    I am getting ready to do some preschoolers’ photos and doing this can really change up a plain background! Thanks! @

  • MollyCollie

    Love love love this! My motto is I am not crafty so I don’t make crafts but I really want a fabric pennant banner and I don’t sew at all but I do iron and glue

    • fromfaye

      I am all about the glue gun! Trying to learn to sew now!

  • Nicole

    thank goodnes – us non-sewers can join the banner fun:)

  • Fiona Long

    Oh my gosh I am going to try this. Faye I just came across your blog as I was looking for banners for my daughters graduation. I have 5 kids whom I have homeschooled. Sarah Ellen will be my first to graduate from home (my eldest went to a local high school to finish) and I really want to throw her a big party in our backyard. Vintage is her style 40’s and 50’s so I have been looking for ideas. I think I can do this banner that you have done. Thank you!!! If you have any other ideas for a back yard party I would love to hear of them. Thanks again.

  • donna

    Thank you for being so honest, my sewing machine is in the guest room closet, in case we have a talented visitor who would like to make us something….

  • Kristen

    I just finished making this for my soon-to-be nephew’s nursery. Super easy, and it looks great.

  • Angela at A Homeschool Story

    Now I know what to do with those alphabet squares lingering hopefully in my cupboard. As each birthday has passed in the past months, I’ve thought: geez, I really need to make that fabric into a banner. (There are 7 of us). And yet…the machine in the basement is so far away and I would really rather knit with my 3 spare minutes a day. Next b-day is in a week; I will be ready, thanks to you!

  • Amanda

    I love your down to earth approach to craft, it was funny and to the point. And I can’t wait to get my bits ready and give it go too. I too have a sewing machine, used it a few times, but the battle between myself and the threads knotting up in the machine is not worth the effort setting it up. I don’t like getting cranky with my craft.

  • denni

    they are so cute!! thanks for giving me great ideas.

  • Cjack

    Why not use fabric chalk instead of a pen?