Smell-Good Laundry Without Chemicals

So I did a little Facebook poll asking my friends what they would rather tackle on a Monday morning:  a pile of laundry or a mountain of dishes.  Hands down, laundry was the winner. I have to agree.

For a while though, I was dreading the chore.  I finally decided to get organized and make a system.  I bought some new laundry baskets and found some good-smelling toxin-free laundry detergents.

Good smells motivate me, especially clean laundry.  I think I would use Gain every day of my life if it was not a potential health hazard.

Smell Good Laundry without Chemicals

First, I started using Ecos because you can understand every ingredient on the label.  Second, because the Lemongrass scent smells divine.  It is fragranced with certified organic essential oil, of course.  The refreshing scent is not left behind on your laundry (aw, kinda sad face).  Very reasonably priced too.  Several weeks ago, I actually ran across some of this at TJ Max, of all places!


I use Rockin’ Green detergent for diapers.

Rockin Green

It lasts me for over a month. (And I wash diapers four times a week).  You can use it to do regular washes, and you can even soak your diapers to get them all fresh as a daisly.  Rockin’ Green is also naturally fragranced.  This one is “Smashing Watermelons.”  Rockin’ Green was the first to change my outlook on natural and good-smelling detergents!   The natural scent rinses away completely.

DSC 0430

Then I got some of these, Mrs. Meyers Clean Day dryer sheets.  These last me forever.

Dryer Sheets

These are also naturally fragranced with essential oils. They make my towels smell like geraniums and roses.  Or something good.  Later I might try some wool dryer balls with injectable scents.

I cleared out all three shelves of the cabinetry next to my washer and dryer to store my sorted baskets of laundry.

Laundry Open Laundry Closed

Every morning, I grab the laundry from my bedroom and the nursery and  sort it really fast into the proper basket.  Throughout the day, I throw kitchen towels and bibs in too.  Whenever I see that a basket is full, I start a load. At the end of the day, whatever is in the dryer gets folded right before bed. Put away in the morning.  Rinse and repeat.

Anyone have any great laundry-folding shows they recommend?  Or some natural, yummy smelling laundry things that you can’t live without?  Has anyone ever made their own soap?

Update as of 10/31/12:  Guess what?  I am detoxing my whole home.  I started making my own super easy homemade laundry detergent.  It’s economic and eco-friendly.  Check it out here!

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  • Molly

    I LOVE Mrs Meyers. I haven’t tried her laundry detergent, we use Method (fresh air). I mainly switched over to the natural cleaning ingredients b/c i I like the natural fragrances instead of inhaling noxious gases. But then my daughter drank Mrs Meyers all-purpose soln. and poison control just said to make her drink lots of fluids and she would be fine. Now, that’s all I buy.

    • carlyshoemaker

      You have to be careful with any product labeled “natural” They still put lots of harmful chemicals in those. Method and Mrs. Meyers are not as NATURAL as they seem. I recommend Norwex laundry detergent, and AVA ANDERSON products for truly Non-Toxic cleaning.

  • Rachael

    Good to know because I have been looking to switch my cleaning agents too!

  • Lindsi Gross

    I watch Clean House while I fold…keeps me motivated :)