Starter Bedroom Suit for $1000: Ikea Hemnes Review

So you guys already know how much I love Ikea furniture.  I walk into that store and I love every single thing I see.  At the same time,  a lot of people are skeptical about the quality of Ikea furniture.  I was never confident enough to make a big purchase there until a friend of mine gave me her reviews first.  That could be why you’ll find a lot of the same pieces of furniture in my house.

Ikea hemnes bedroom suite review

So I thought I would start adding some Ikea furniture reviews to my blog.  Today I’m posting a review about our Ikea Hemnes bedroom suit.  We’d been sleeping on old mattresses and borrowed/used bedroom furniture for years, until last spring when we finally invested in our first set.  From the Ikea Hemnes series, we purchased the 6-drawer chest, Queen bed frame, (looks like our exact style has been discontinued?)  8-drawer dresser, and two nightstands in the black-brown finish.

I really romanticized the idea of having a big, custom designed Pax wardrobe with lots of cute little drawers and organizy-bins.  However, we decided against it based on the reviews from my friend who has one.  Her take was that the Ikea Pax wardrobes are far more expensive than they appear, due to the added costs of the cute little drawers and organiz-y things which are sold separately.  As well as the cost of all the hardware to install them.  She also noted that it was a huge pain to put together.  So we nixed the wardrobe and went with basic dressers, which probably fits the space a lot better anyways.


6 Drawer Chest 8 Drawer Chest Ikea Bed Pros

Style: Per Ikea: “a nostalgic series of bedroom furniture in a traditional romantic style.”  Signature, modern Ikea lines while also maintaing a bit of traditional feel with the pewter hardware.  One whimsical detail is the yellow striped lining in the bottom of the dresser drawers.

Striped Drawers Bed Close Up 6 Drawer Chest with Candles

Totally off-topic.  ‘Scuse the ugly brass candlesticks…they are waiting patiently for their coat of white spray paint.  Then again, the brassiness is kind of growing on me.  Also, excuse the holes in the walls.  Decorating spree.


6 Drawer Chest Close Up

Size: Our bedroom is teeny.  Tiny. We needed a lot of storage in not a lot of space.  I knew we could shop at Ikea and find something we liked without size concerns.

Price: We were not ready to pick a long-term, heirloom-type bedroom suit.  Ikea offered us a brand new, modern, five-piece suit for about $1000.00.  Hard to beat!

Selection:  Several of colors and many different pieces to choose from.  You can also make nice combinations with other Ikea bedroom lines.

Convenience:  We drive a Honda Civic, so when we make big purchases we either have to borrow someone’s vehicle, or have it delivered.  Ikea is only about thirty miles away, so the entire delivery was only $85!   Avoiding the hassle was completely worth it.  (Plus, I was nine months pregnant at the time).

With the detailed product information available on the Ikea website, we knew ahead of time what we were dealing with.  We got the dimensions, materials, and prices of each piece without having to go through a salesperson.


Assembly: Ikea offers an assembly service, but we usually do it ourselves. This can be a real pain though.  Our furniture sat unassembled in the garage for a few weeks, until one night when David thought I was going into labor.  (That furniture was up in a few hours.)

Ikea Mattresses:  After reading a lot of reviews, we decided an Ikea mattress was not for us.  To be frank, the reviews were bad and I do not like memory foam, which many of their mattresses have.  I was worried whether a non-Ikea mattress would fit an Ikea bed.  We purchased a Queen Serta boxspring and mattress from a local dealer, which fit perfectly on the Hemnes. (Other Ikea series, such as Hopen and Malm sit low and are designed to be used without a box spring.)

The Finish:  Tends to gather and show dust.  There’s a scratch on top of dresser from assembly.

Not a Pro, Not a Con:

Quality: This set is not top quality, but it’s also not junk.  It’s fine for shorter-term use and the amount of wear and tear that our family puts on furniture right now.  The good thing about Ikea is that even if the quality/longevity is low, the price will afford us being able to upgrade in several years if necessary.

It is recommended that Ikea beds be purchased with the galvanized steel midbeam (sold separately).  Most of the Hemnes pieces are solid pine, while some portions are fiberboard.

Being our “starter” bedroom suit, it was a great choice for us. I found it a great value for the money. The convenience and pricing made choosing our first bedroom suit from Ikea a no-brainer.

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  • Missie

    Hi, thanks so much for this post!! We’re lookin to get the Hemnes as well and were hoping to find someone else who used their non-Ikea mattress and box spring with set. Once you used the box spring, did you use the slates?? Thanks!!

    • Rachael

      Hi! I’m sorry I just now saw this comment! Yep, our box spring is resting on the bed slats (I just checked under my bed because I couldn’t remember.) The box spring will make the bed a little taller than what you see at the Ikea show room or in pictures, but it still looks perfectly nice, not weird or anything.

  • Mena

    Hi. Just curious how the bed quality is. Does it squeak or make noise?

    • Rachael

      Nope! So far it has been really good quality for the super low price we got it for.

      • Samantha

        ive had this same bed for 2 years and it is still very sturdy. If put together correctly with the beam in the middle it will last. I have a pillow top mattress that is very heavy and it holds just fine. We have had our whole family piled on it (2 adults, 2 kids, and two very large dogs) and it never made a sound :)

  • Samantha

    My husband and I bought this bed in a king size in sept of 2012. We loved it and didn’t have a complaint until…. last night when we climed into bed and the footboard split in half and we fell to the ground. I’m waiting for Ikea to open to call and see if there is anything that can be done. My opinion of IKEA may change if they don’t give good customer service. A bed should not break from gental use in only4 months. I hope you all are having better luck!

    • frugalfaye

      Wow, I would most certainly write corporate and get a reimbursement for your purchase. I have had good luck when addressing letters to a CEO in cases like yours. I am SO sorry! We have not had any problems with ours in the past 2 years.

  • Elizabeth

    Hi! love your style. We have the black Hemnes and also the exact same lamp bases! Anyway I am having a hard time styling the bed- I don’t know what will look good with the black and am not sure why I bought that color. But, I was thinking blue, also I need to paint the walls. The bedroom is tiny tiny. Also I’m not sure what style will look good floral quilt? patchwork? Would you have any ideas? I’m open to anything, not too modern. Thanks!!

    • frugalfaye

      Anything with white will pop! Blue would be lovely too. If you need inspiration, you can walk through the Ikea show room…I was just there and they had a ton of new bedding. They use the Hemnes in their display a lot!

  • Victoria

    I have the Hemnes bed frame and it has broken several times. First, I bought the frame at the store and the sales associate that helped me neglected to mention the midbeam that I needed. So I went home and fell through the bed. Even with the beam ($40 later), the bed has fallen through several times. Ikea’s suggested that I bring the queen size free into the store so that they could reassemble it to confirm the problem. Overall: looks great, not well made, and the customer service is terrible.

    • frugalfaye

      That is a bummer! Did they fix it for you, or did you have to get another bed?

  • Sarah

    Hi! Wonderful pictures! We are in the same spot as you, sounds like! I love how you put the mirror above the dresser. Is that from the Hemnes set? If not, where did you get it?

    • frugalfaye

      The mirror is actually from Target!

  • Mrs. Arnold

    Wow! Thanks, I looked at this set today and I really like it. Like you, we have a super tiny bedroom and I’ve been trying to find a nice set that will work in our small space. Love how you decorated your room too, really pretty! Thanks for this review and for giving me some great decorating ideas :)

  • cdnatdq

    To Rachel-Faye,

    It happens that I’m evaluating Hemnes after a Malm unit stunk up my bedroom with formaldehyde. (I’m too MCS for German E-1 standards!) Buyers be-aware that while many Hemnes pieces are solid pine, the white-gloss-finish units are mostly particle-board–not to be confused with the white-STAIN 5-drawer tower which is pine.

    There’s also a white Hemnes 2-drawer, 1-shelf unit that looks like a better version of their night table, but it’s PB and has a beveled drawer face that other solid Hemnes units don’t. It also ticks me off that the pine night table and 8-drawer come in blue but the pine 3-drawer comes in red instead. Hemnes is a more mature style than Tarva out-of-the-box, but IKEA could have coordinated it better.

    As for Hondas – I prefer to be able to partly disassemble my furniture to move myself. I’ve moved Ikea bookcases in my Integra hatchback and Civic coupe, but I measured yesterday that an assembled Malm at 18″ deep would barely fit in my Civic’s trunk. This is one reason I’m still sticking with Ikea after the stink: there are plenty of solid-wood, unfinished, made-in-USA pieces, but they all come nailed, screwed-and-glued. Cheers!

  • Dee Garcia

    where did you get the mirror from, i love it please let me know. [email protected]

    • frugalfaye

      It is from Target!

  • Courtney S.

    Love this whole look! Where did you get the wooden lattice work frames that are above the dresser?

    • frugalfaye

      Those were a lucky Home Goods clearance find!

  • Jessica

    I’m looking at purchasing this bed. I’ve seen picures where the mattress sits much lower but I really like the way yours looks! What kind of mattress do you have?

    • frugalfaye

      I believe it is a Serta! Box spring underneath.

    • Alexandra Logg

      I just bought this bed last night… after much deliberation! You can choose to have the bed sit low, an inch or so higher than low, or about 4 inches above low. I have a boxspring but thought I would try as high as I could. I feel like a princess. The box spring does show but I may hide it with linens or just lower the bed.

      • fennelouski

        My wife and I are looking to get this same bed, but our windows are incredibly low and we don’t want to block any light with our headboard. How high up does the solid part go?

  • Samantha

    I have all of the Hemnes furniture, Living room set and bedroom set just like yours. Ive had them for 2 years and they are in perfect shape still! Im in love with the hemnes line and would recommend it over and over again. It holds up well and looks very clean and modern but no TOO modern. I have a serta mattress and boxspring on mine also and it works well. My bed is a little different, the slats in the headboard are a little wider and there aren’t as many. I believe mine is the one ikea has now or different stores may have different sets. I wish I had more room so I could have the matching dressing table, maybe one day :) my kids have the kura bed and it is one that I wouldn’t recommend putting a random mattress on, when its turned as the loft style the mattress needs to be shorter than the sides and with the ikea mattresses you achieve this.

  • Amanda Swendsen

    We are planning to buy this bed and I was wondering, since you used the mattress and box spring not from Ikea, did you still use the wooden slats?

    • frugalfaye

      Yes, we still used the slats!

  • Nora

    this is awesome! I’m so glad you did this, thank you. The closest ikea that i have is in sunrise, fl and i’m by miami,fl… takes a while… didn’t want to go to ikea to check out the bed and then go back to actually buy it. I’m looking at their gray-brown set though… i was wondering if you saw that set while you were there… The best set i have now is like a wine red color and i want to keep the night stands and use the hemnes bed.

  • Karin

    I’m interested to here you have a regular mattress and box spring with a Hemnes bed frame. I heard they have slats which you aren’t supposed to use with these new individual pocket coil mattresses. Am I wrong and the Hemnes bed frame doesn’t have slats?

  • Kelly

    My daughter has the Hemnes chest of drawers. The size and depth of the drawers is great. However the bottom of each drawer is warped and bowed like the letter C. Thus the chest of drawers is not usable as each drawer sticks when opening and clothes fall through the drawer below. It’s really too bad and such a waster if money. I would never buy another product from this line.

    • fromfaye

      Oh no! My drawers have not done that. I would certainly call Ikea and get a refund. That is a defective item!

    • katzmatt

      that C bowing is actually intentional, the prestressed(bent) wood is able to hold more weight that way Vs a flat board,

      from your description the boards were installed upside down, the bowing in the middle is supposed to face up vs down, then the bottom wont fall out, and it wont scrape on the bottom

    • Kim

      My drawers did this as well after less than a year of gentle use. We used wood glue to try and keep the bottom in the slot, added extra support on the bottom, nothing worked. After doing more research online, it seems to happen to a lot of people with this set, so beware!

  • Anthony Butcher

    How is the finish of the Hemnes holding up? I just bought a set for my daughter’s room, and am thinking about adding a topcoat of laquer for extra durability. Thanks

  • grace

    So did you purchase a box spring and mattress to put on the slats?

  • Erin Kelsey Slee

    Hello, I am looking into getting the same series from IKEA. did you use a boxspring for this?