Starter Bedroom Suit for $1000:  Ikea Hemnes Review

Starter Bedroom Suit for $1000: Ikea Hemnes Review

So you guys already know how much I love Ikea furniture.  I walk into that store and I love every single thing I see.  At the same time,  a lot of people are skeptical about the quality of Ikea furniture.  I was never confident enough to make a big purchase there until a friend of mine gave me her reviews first.  That could be why you’ll find a lot of the same pieces of furniture in my house.

Ikea hemnes bedroom suite review

So I thought I would start adding some Ikea furniture reviews to my blog.  Today I’m posting a review about our Ikea Hemnes bedroom suit.  We’d been sleeping on old mattresses and borrowed/used bedroom furniture for years, until last spring when we finally invested in our first set.  From the Ikea Hemnes series, we purchased the 6-drawer chest, Queen bed frame, (looks like our exact style has been discontinued?)  8-drawer dresser, and two nightstands in the black-brown finish.

I really romanticized the idea of having a big, custom designed Pax wardrobe with lots of cute little drawers and organizy-bins.  However, we decided against it based on the reviews from my friend who has one.  Her take was that the Ikea Pax wardrobes are far more expensive than they appear, due to the added costs of the cute little drawers and organiz-y things which are sold separately.  As well as the cost of all the hardware to install them.  She also noted that it was a huge pain to put together.  So we nixed the wardrobe and went with basic dressers, which probably fits the space a lot better anyways.


6 Drawer Chest 8 Drawer Chest Ikea Bed Pros

Style: Per Ikea: “a nostalgic series of bedroom furniture in a traditional romantic style.”  Signature, modern Ikea lines while also maintaing a bit of traditional feel with the pewter hardware.  One whimsical detail is the yellow striped lining in the bottom of the dresser drawers.

Striped Drawers Bed Close Up 6 Drawer Chest with Candles

Totally off-topic.  ‘Scuse the ugly brass candlesticks…they are waiting patiently for their coat of white spray paint.  Then again, the brassiness is kind of growing on me.  Also, excuse the holes in the walls.  Decorating spree.


6 Drawer Chest Close Up

Size: Our bedroom is teeny.  Tiny. We needed a lot of storage in not a lot of space.  I knew we could shop at Ikea and find something we liked without size concerns.

Price: We were not ready to pick a long-term, heirloom-type bedroom suit.  Ikea offered us a brand new, modern, five-piece suit for about $1000.00.  Hard to beat!

Selection:  Several of colors and many different pieces to choose from.  You can also make nice combinations with other Ikea bedroom lines.

Convenience:  We drive a Honda Civic, so when we make big purchases we either have to borrow someone’s vehicle, or have it delivered.  Ikea is only about thirty miles away, so the entire delivery was only $85!   Avoiding the hassle was completely worth it.  (Plus, I was nine months pregnant at the time).

With the detailed product information available on the Ikea website, we knew ahead of time what we were dealing with.  We got the dimensions, materials, and prices of each piece without having to go through a salesperson.


Assembly: Ikea offers an assembly service, but we usually do it ourselves. This can be a real pain though.  Our furniture sat unassembled in the garage for a few weeks, until one night when David thought I was going into labor.  (That furniture was up in a few hours.)

Ikea Mattresses:  After reading a lot of reviews, we decided an Ikea mattress was not for us.  To be frank, the reviews were bad and I do not like memory foam, which many of their mattresses have.  I was worried whether a non-Ikea mattress would fit an Ikea bed.  We purchased a Queen Serta boxspring and mattress from a local dealer, which fit perfectly on the Hemnes. (Other Ikea series, such as Hopen and Malm sit low and are designed to be used without a box spring.)

The Finish:  Tends to gather and show dust.  There’s a scratch on top of dresser from assembly.

Not a Pro, Not a Con:

Quality: This set is not top quality, but it’s also not junk.  It’s fine for shorter-term use and the amount of wear and tear that our family puts on furniture right now.  The good thing about Ikea is that even if the quality/longevity is low, the price will afford us being able to upgrade in several years if necessary.

It is recommended that Ikea beds be purchased with the galvanized steel midbeam (sold separately).  Most of the Hemnes pieces are solid pine, while some portions are fiberboard.

Being our “starter” bedroom suit, it was a great choice for us. I found it a great value for the money. The convenience and pricing made choosing our first bedroom suit from Ikea a no-brainer.