Pushing “Post”

Well here it is…my first post.  I’ve been dreaming of having a homemaking blog since we moved into our house over a year ago.  I was writing posts in my head about homemaking and budget decorating. The thing that has been stopping me is the fact that I have a kinda lame point-and-shoot camera which I am slightly embarrassed to use for posting pictures!

And as you know, good decor blogs are all about juicy pictures of all the goodies.  But I got to thinking that if I’m blogging about frugal homemaking, I shouldn’t be ashamed to use what I have.  It hit me how ridiculous I was being when I got a huge thrill out of posting a pictures of a recent project on my Facebook page this very morning, wrong camera settings and all.

I traded in home decor magazines some time ago to become a follower of a couple home decor blogs, from which I copy ideas regularly.  The writers of my two favorite blogs, Thrifty Decor Chick and Young House Love started somewhere too! I guess that’s what I love about their blogs.  They’re real people.

I gave my husband a pep talk recently about releasing something he made for the App store.  I told him that if he failed, he would be just as bad off as if he’d never tried.

(No, I never saw that on a poster in the school counselor’s office with a picture of an eagle soaring above the clouds.)  So I’m inspiring myself and taking my own advice.  And who knows, if I stay the course, there may be a new camera in my future.

So what about you?  Has something silly been stopping you from something you really want to do?  Thinking everything needs to be perfect before you try?  Been giving out advice from inspirational office posters that you haven’t taken yourself?   I’m pushing “post….”

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  • louise

    oh girly, i’m so glad you’re throwing your ideas and cuteness into the world of homemaking blogs! i like that you’re deliberately using your little point-and-shoot pictures. hehe. nice nice nice. and i love the sister teamwork.

    • Rachael

      Thanks for the encouragement sista!

  • DAD

    Your house looks great, kid. Come home and do mine. Love DAD

    • Rachael

      Thanks for reading my blog dad! I love you!

  • Joel

    Love your writing Rach! Keep ’em coming! That goes for babies as well.

    • Rachael

      Thanks Joelie!

  • MIL

    I am loving the fact that you are blogging! Aaannd, I love your creativity!

    “he would be just as bad off as if he’d never tried in the first place” sounds like a quote from Ishtar!! :) Now, I want to watch it again! LOL

    • Rachael

      ISHTAR QUOTES! Hello, thank you. Those will be making an appearance now.